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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Faid's WoW Gold Rush - New video series!

Today is the launch of my new video series for WoW gold making, Faid's WoW Gold Rush.  I wanted to make videos more relevant to . . . people, considering often my videos were just me giving you updates on what I'm doing without any real tactics or tricks.

The point of Faid's WoW Gold Rush is to introduce ideas to make gold with small amounts of time; most of the tips won't make you extraordinarily rich, but if you can't spend hours watching the glyph market or prospecting these will be ideas to still make some gold, and if you combine enough of the ideas you'll probably have a fairly unique gold-making regimen!

Please let me know what you think of the first video in the series, like and subscribe if you like it! My main observation is that I need to turn down the volume of Johnny a bit, it's louder than intended! =D


  1. For users of NPCScan add these for Blasted Lands rare mobs:

    Akubar the Seer - 8398
    Blackleaf - 45260
    Cassia the Slitherqueen - 45258
    Clack the Reaver - 8301
    Deatheye - 8302
    Dreadscorn - 8304
    Grunter - 8303
    Magronos the Unyielding - 8297
    Mojo the Twisted - 8296
    Mordak Nightbender - 45257
    Narixxus the Doombringer - 45262
    Ravage - 8300
    Spiteflayer - 8299
    Teremus the Devourer - 7846

  2. I love your videos so this new series should be awesome.

    Your video making skills are fantastic. I found this easy to follow and very accurate.

    Clearing the cache all the time was a pain in the butt for rare spawn addons. However a new plug in for _NPC scan seems to solve this.

    _NPC scan overlay ( shows the patrol area on your map. Works with default UI and other mapping addons like Carbonite.

    This just helps you see where to farm. In my experience there is no cache clearing required.

    Keep it up. Very impressive.


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