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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Slipping up on Faidian Slips

"Faid, where have you been!?"  I know this is the question that's been in your mind all day every day this week.  No, I did not get sucked back into Archaeology and Portal 2 didn't start stealing my attention until today.

I've been working on my entry for the competition over at The Consortium forums. Of course, I won't reveal yet what I've been doing for my entry but let's just say it's captured my interest more than I'd anticipated. I'd intended to spend a little bit trying, see how it goes.  But the things I've stumbled upon since starting my endeavours have expanded the way I think about making gold in a pretty big way. I'll post more on that once the competition entries are made public.

I also, at long last, finished my Shadowmourne and got the nice chest of goodies with it. I'm a bad goblin and kept or gave away most of the items; though I still have a Muradin's Favor sitting in the bank collecting dust.

Other interesting happenings this week include my buying a Mottled Drake for 65k.  I'm very pleased with the purchase, it's easily the best looking mount that uses the Drake model, at least in my opinion.

You'll notice there was no Faidian Slip this week.  I've kind of found myself with a similar mindset that I think Alto had when he wrote this post a while back.  The more I put out "regular" Faidian Slips the more I find myself scrambling for something to talk about; most of my cooler advice tends to make it to a blog post and most of the less-cool advice isn't really worth making a video for, and so I feel very . . . lame, for lack of a better word.  I feel that Faidian Slips lately have more been made with a "Oh crap, I have to make a video" mindset rather than a "I have this great advice to share so I'll make a video!" concept and that's not what I want them to be, I want every one of them to be worth the time spent watching and I want people to know they will see or hear something useful when they hit that Play button.

My work on the competition entry has given me a great idea about how to use videos to supplement the blog and I intend to make videos a regular part of Nerf Faids, but in the future they will be different and, hopefully, more relevant and useful to a wide player-base.  And so, unless something amazing comes out that demands a Faidian Slip, I don't intend to make many more of those, but Faid will not disappear from the gold-making video scene by any stretch of the imagination. Stay tuned!

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  1. I shall await for something amazing to come :D I agree that releasing a FS every week isn't really neccesary!


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