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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Potion of Treasure Finding: The Experiment

Recently I have embarked upon a two phase endeavor.  Gather round kids, let me tell you the story of Potion of Treasure Finding.

Phase 1: The Beginning
Lockbox is my fifth 85.  I want her to be a viable alt raider which leaves me with a need to have Therazane shoulder enchants. The problem? After four characters I'm sick of Deepholm and all the Therazane dailies. While drudging through once more on Lockbox I stumbled upon something.  During the first few quests when you're reaching the "Therazane bits" you get to kill mobs here:

Most people (the smart ones, anyways) blow through the quest and move on; but the Insane in the Membrane loving grinder in me thought "what if."  The mobs here, you see, give 5 rep per kill more for human or with the guild perk Mr. Popularity.  On my guilded Night Elf I would get 5-6 rep alternating and with Dragul Giantbutcher giving a bit extra per kill.

I decided to see if I could grind reputation high enough that when I finished the quests to unlock the dailies I would be immediately exalted, eliminating the need for dailies.  I knew it wasn't efficient, but it was a personal challenge to myself, one that is still ongoing.

I thought I would combine this with another thing I'd been wanting to test recently: Potion of Treasure Finding.  I made a few of these and commenced grinding for several hours.  And then several more hours.

The following statistics are with a 100% up time on the potion.  The greys looted are a bit of a lie since it wasn't until halfway through the grind I realized MobInfo2 wasn't tracking greys and I fixed it afterwards.

I assume not everyone is familiar with reading MobInfo2.  We'll leave everything else aside and look at just Tiny Treasure Chests.  For these four mob types that were farmed, I killed and looted 593.  I obtained 19 treasure chests. Talk about terribad. What is that, a 3.2% drop rate? I'm not sure, I'm bad at math.

So my findings were coming down to Potions of Treasure Finding being a complete waste.  Keep in mind that to kill these 593 mobs took me at least 4 hours.  Granted, I was on a level 82-84 warrior (Yes, I did this so long that I leveled twice) so my kills per hour were lower than they could be, but it was certainly not a valuable use of my time.  I gave up on Potions of Treasure Finding.

About a week later I was sitting in TeamSpeak waiting for the JMTC Q&A Meeting to start and was talking to . . . someone. I'm so sorry, but I can't remember if I was talking with Flux or Alto, but one of these great bloggers got in a discussion with me about these Tiny Treasure Chests.  We talked briefly and he brought up the thought that there may be a level modifier on this; that the closer a mob is to your level or the higher level the mob is the more you may see the bonus chest.

Now, I knew it wasn't relative to your level; I'd noticed the same drop rate when I began at 82 as I had when I dinged 84.  But I was grinding on the same level of mob the whole time. The plan was hatched.

Phase 2: Tol Barad or Bust!
So I set out to Tol Barad, guaranteed spot to find some quickly spawning level 85 mobs. I went to everyone's favorite TB farming spot where Restless Infantry and Restless Soldiers at sub-20% health are plentiful!

I did this on my Death Knight so that I could reap the benefits of being a tailor and cloth scavenging, so when viewing the MobInfo2 data please note that the cloth drop results will not be typical for non-Tailors.  

The basic info here is that I killed 391 mobs and received 22 Tiny Treasure Chests, giving a roughly 5.6% drop rate of the tiny treasure chests, a small but noticeable amount more per kill than in Deepholm.  Having seen this I am confident in saying I believe that the level of the mob killed impacts the drop rate of the Tiny Treasure Chests.

If that's not all, allow me to share a bit more information with you. As I stated, gathering the information from roughly 600 mob kills took me several hours and several potions.  In Tol Barad I killed roughly 400 mobs and received more Treasure Chests all in . . . one hour.  That's right, more treasure chests for fewer potions and time.  Not to mention the better drops of greens, cloth (Even non-tailors should see more cloth per mob in Tol Barad than in Deepholm) and a higher chance of dropping phat lewtz like BoE epics and the new enchanting and JC meta designs.

The Takeaway

  • You will get better results per kill if you are using your potions in higher level areas like Tol Barad.  Keep in mind that the higher level though may change your kills per hour and killing 100 lower level mobs per hour will probably still give you better results than killing 10 higher level!
  • The Restless Front in Tol Barad should be your maximum kills per hour area.
  • Therazane sucks.


  1. I admire your tenacity. Grinding mobs like that for hours at a time....I gave up on that tactic after collecting ears for rep in NR.

    I think the drop rates for tiny treasure chests were nerfed. My experience was much better on my Rogue when I did try to see what the Potion of Treasure Finding would yield.

    There could be a relationship between your level and the mob level, or it also could just be a different loot table for the different humanoids. I don't know how to test that except to grind both again with a max level toon.

    I would not wish that hell on anyone....

  2. I know you stated "per a kill", but in my opinion the best place is still Uldum.

    Specifically, killing Shnotz Infantry, in which there are 9 non-elites and 1 elite per a pack.

    You can't just take into account the drop rate per a mob, you also have to take into account the number of mobs you kill per an hour.

  3. @Shiva: Precisely why I pointed that out.

    "You will get better results per kill if you are using your potions in higher level areas like Tol Barad.  Keep in mind that the higher level though may change your kills per hour and killing 100 lower level mobs per hour will probably still give you better results than killing 10 higher level!"

  4. Hi, Faid !

    I wouldn't dis-consider Therazane. Well, Deepholme more precisely. There is a cave in the most southern part of it. In there you find many packs of 3 humans fighting 1 elemental. I use my death knight tank to pull 3-4 packs (12-16 mobs) and aoe them down. The cave has two levels and once you clear a level, the other one is back again.

    Keep in mind I only do this with my tank, because it's the fastest killing method. I get the most kills within one hour. Unlike using say, my hunter.

    Although my death knight is not a tailor, it still manages to amass a healthy amount of cloth.

    Give it a go. See what is like.

    On the other hand, killing the mobs at the Moon Obelisk in Uldum, can only be done efficiently using my hunter. My death knight would not be able to achieve the fast pace killing compared to a range class. Because the mobs are to spread apart.

    The idea is to also pick up the right class/spec for type of mobs placement you encounter, in order to maximize the kill count per hour. Because as Shiva said, the number of kills per hour is a determinant factor.

    Cheers !

  5. I was so glad to see you writing about this topic.

    I recently experimented with Potion of Treasure Finding but from a different angle. I think your drop rate numbers are quite accurate. But I looked at it purely from a cost-benefit perspective. The mats cost me about 50-60 gold to make it. With both my level 85 hunter in Tol Barad, and to lesser extent, even with my level 81 DK in Hyjal, I probably averaged 100 gold or more in bonus treasure an hour, with significantly better results with the higher mobs. But my DK got a lucky drop, a level 85 Blue shield that was offered on the AH for about 2000 gold. Even throwing out that drop, I still came out ahead, but I would recommend waiting until you are at least level 81 before using them.

  6. Thanks for this aweosme tip!
    Really helped me out :D


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