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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm hemorrhaging gold and I don't care.

Look at her there, all smug, dual-wielding Soul Blades with a Hurricane Trinket and a Fury of Angerforge, Valor Boots and crafted 359s for both specs . . . such a spoiled brat.

But I love her just the same.  I have many alts, many of which are at 85.  Klix, my Death Knight, has always been my favorite alt and she's treated like such.  Without the raid drops that the paladin can rely on I have resorted to gearing up via the AH.  Gearing up for what? Sitting in SW more than likely. Don't judge me!

God, Faid, quit bragging about throwing away gold.  Well, why am I bringing this up?  To remind everyone that gold really only has one use: Spending.  You can spend it to make more, which is a great idea.  The more you have the more you can spend so the more you make so the more you have so the more you can spend!  But there may come a time when you look upon your vast riches and think "Why?"

Though I still want to hit my million gold mark, this "What's the point?" mentality struck me recently. Truth be told the thing that excites me about hitting one million is the blog post I'll make about it; I'd like to hit the one million to achieve a goal and to prove to myself and to the readers of this blog that I can make gold like the big kids.

But what's the purpose, beyond "just hitting that point?"  I've decided that the purpose, to me, is to be able to buy what I want when I want and I've certainly displayed that with Klix. I haven't really budged past 550k but I have "maintained," I've been able to buy all this needless crap for my alts to look shiny and still have come out a bit ahead, if only by a tiny bit.

Having gold is great, but isn't enjoying that gold just as great?


  1. I love my death knight. She is a worgen and also loves to dual wield.

    There is something about a death knight that makes it so much fun to just smash faces.

    Now I have to go play her. lol

  2. I had the same thing happen around 400K gold. Decided I was going to hit my next milestone, 500K, just to get it out of the way, and then go on a spending spree for a bit, because I don't expect to need more than I've got. So I hit 500K, and was back down to 425K in hours.

    I spent about 150K in the first week or so of Cata powerleveling 9 toons worth of professions, so I don't think I'll need much more than 400K for the next expansion, assuming I'm still playing.


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