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Monday, April 4, 2011


Twitter followers saw my update that there would not be a Faidian Slip today because I'm working on a super-secret in-game project.Well, the sheet has been lifted from that super-secret project.

Legacy of the Illuminati is currently making a push for Realm First Level 25.  I'm very confident but am focusing all my effort to help secure this awesome Feat for us.  I can't disclose our progress as I know many server members read my blog and I don't want to tip the competition, but once the matter is over I expect to make a big post about it, as well as about the so far super-profitable Bountiful Bags perk and such!

Stay tuned and wish LotI luck!


  1. Congratulations! I hope it all rolls your way!

  2. GL

    You are basicly farming quests or what you are doing to get it?

  3. Faid, my guild have recently done the same.

    We were 24 hours behind our rivals but thankfully they underestimated our determination.

    We had around 1k+ daily quests banked which got handed in as soon as 3 am hit ( some later on ), we also had 4 groups spamming Halls of Orgination normal for 10 hours straight ( yes you read it correctly ) in order to catch up and grab victory!

    Good luck!

  4. I hope you had similar success that we did yesterday. Like Apricot posted, we had everyone (and I mean everyone) stock up 25 daily quests in the days prior to Monday. Then we had people logging in at 3am, running a heroic SFK, then normal HoO until we went blind. Also, we did not raid during the week prior, so near prime time, we ran our 10-man raids. After that, we went back to HoO some more, and around 10pm, we decided we needed variety to avoid stabbing our eyes out, so we did a bunch of LK raids (Naxx, ToC, Sarth) to finish the run to 25. By this time, we knew we'd win, it was just a matter of sticking it out. We hit 25 shortly after 1am.

    At the start of the day, there were six guilds who had capped every day, and we were by far the smallest (all others were approximately 3 times are large, or more), so we knew we'd have to have a major push if we were to win. Amazingly, no other guild was 24 by the time we hit 25.

    We had an alt in Orgrimmar do the guild summon after Sarth fell, then we all fell to our deaths in front of the bank, followed by a mass rez... then we paraded the ugly guild mount for awhile. Kind of silly, but fun! Long day, but worth it.

    Hope it worked out well for you guys, too!

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