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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Call to Epic Gems?

Call to Arms is meant to lower wait times by offering additional rewards for queuing as the currently least represented role. To be eligible for the additional rewards you must solo queue for a random level-85 Heroic in the role that is currently being Called to Arms, and complete the dungeon by killing the final boss. Every time you hit these requirements (there is no daily limit) you'll receive a goodie bag that will contain some gold, a chance at a rare gem, a chance at a flask/elixir (determined by spec), a good chance of receiving a non-combat pet (including cross faction pets), and a very rare chance at receiving a mount . . . (Source)
So, this is interesting. I for one am fuming.  Yes, I benefit largely from this, but at what cost? My boyfriend can't benefit from this at all on his hunter and my guildies are going to be shafted since it comes down to helping guildies or farming these mounts?  So I'll be single queuing until I get them. Not to mention I feel that it is overcompensating players who play hybrid classes while completely shafting pure DPS specs when, personally, I found that "faster queue times" was usually incentive enough. I don't know, I feel like it's just going to bring about a lot of sour grapes.

But what is of interest for us gold-makers out of this?

". . . a goodie bag that will contain some gold, a chance at a rare gem, a chance at a flask/elixir (determined by spec) . . ."

Gold, meh.  Flasks were already in the unprofittable range for most.  But what interests me is the chance at a rare gem.  You see, if this is meant to be an incentive to queue for randoms they'll need to keep the rewards on par with what people need.  Therefor, it stands to reason that when epic gems are introduced they will replace rare gems in these bags.

Certainly this will not be the only source for epic gems, but I believe this will put them into the economy at a faster rate than may have previously been expected.  I know that, if I don't already have all the mounts I need, I may find myself chain running in hopes of mounts and epic gems myself!


  1. Yeah, I see where you could be upset. I think it sucks for guild rep runs, no doubt.

    The lack of tanks and to some degree healers has to be addressed somehow. This might make more people roll a tank.

    At what cost though? More crappy tanks hardly seems the trade off that Blizz would be after. It also wouldn't surprise me to have the gems be BoP.


  2. @Kammler:

    The crappy tanks won't stick around. There will definitely be wave of fail tanking in Heroics, but the bad ones won't stick with it when they aren't getting all the way to the end (Heroic Ozruk alone will weed out a LOT of tanks).

    I too wouldn't be surprised if epic gems were BoP and you just had to get them cut through the trade box. It would completely suck, but so does Orbs being BoP.

  3. My prediction:
    Week 1 Call to Arms Role: Tank
    Week 2 Call to Arms Role: Tank
    Week 3 Call to Arms Role: Tank
    Week 4 Call to Arms Role: Tank
    Week 57 Call to Arms Role: Tank

  4. Funny thing this is, I was since the beginning Tank, but now I find myself,less and less times be wanting to Tank, since my old guild fall apart I lost all will to tank. I am now going full DPS, and yes I know the long queue. They existed for ever, but this novelty wont change much I think.
    Wend people starting falling over and over in tank they will go back to there primary roll .

  5. I'm with Alberthus on this one. I used to progression raid tank on my pally, got tired of boosting people and went to dps on my DK chica. When you're a dps, the instant que is motivation enough to tank.

    That's how I wound up with full heroic tank gear, not because I wanted it, but because it essentially fell into my lap.

    The first month after this I'm goign to tank and not because of the rewards (I'll be taking my gf with me) but because I fear the terribad tanks I'll get stuck with. Maybe a bit later on after they face plant into an axe enough they'll move on.

  6. 1) Free flasks have always been profitable and will remain so.

    2) I don't recall the stormjewels that came out before the wotlk epics having a significant impact on epic gems, at least outside of the BiS realm-first progression guilds.

  7. @Sally Bowls:
    1. You have to tank a full random for them, they're not free and are possibly the least profitable way to spend your time.

    2. Stormjewels were a random cut and you could maybe get one once per day per character, and that was a very low chance. These however would likely be higher chance (The rare items are to be the mounts and such, with the first mentioned bits being more common) and you may have several shots at them per day. Comparing them to Stormjewels isn't really a great comparison.


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