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Saturday, April 30, 2011

4.1 Aftermath and Horde Glyph Shenanigans

I hope everyone had a great 4.1, I know I did!  I had saved about 200 of each uncut rare gem assuming the demand would spike with all the new ZA/ZG gear.  But, just like glyphmas before, I found I had underestimated the demand and not stocked up nearly enough.  I went through my stock within about five hours and was back to shuffling and mass transmuting the greens because the value was just so high on these rare gems.

So far I've come down to about 90k profit from this patch and gems are still going strong. Glyph sales saw a small spike but my competitors kept the price about average, while the huge demand of gems allowed those prices to skyrocket, so I certainly put most of my effort into gems.

Good Things I Did
  • Saved rare gems to sell for new upgrades.
  • Stocked my glyphs the night before so I didn't have to waste my time after the patch.
  • "Dealt with" all my green quality gems in one way or another pre-patch.
  • Stocked up on vendor pets for the pet achievement.
Bad Things I Did
  • I spent the first hour or so just trying to find Poseidus, but to no luck. I wish I'd spent more of that time working the AH.
  • Didn't stock enchants, I just didn't have enough time.
Things I Wish I'd Done
  • Stocked more gems!
  • Cooked a bunch of random Cata food and bought vendor food and water for the new Eat/Drink achievements. I know I've bought quite a bit of this off the AH!
  • Saved my Justice Points to buy sexy, sexy tank heirlooms.

All in all I call 4.1 a great success! I hope yours was just as successful if not moreso.

So what's all this about Horde Glyph Shenanigans?
A low level character whispered me yesterday saying that if I were to put up a Glyph of Arcane Shot or some random glyph up on the Neutral AH they would buy it for 200g.  I was happy to help them out. But this got me thinking: Why?  WTF is going on Hordeside that causes this guy to come to Alliance just to get a basic glyph?

So I checked the Horde AH.

W.  T. F?!  These glyphs on Alliance are constantly around 30-60g.  There is not a single Horde glyph up for under 100g.  It's just ridiculous.  I know that the old glyph supplier Hordeside was active on the JMTC forums but admittedly I haven't seen him since Cata, I'm seriously wondering if he's wandered off and left this huge hole in the Glyph market.

Now, I could just make a lot of glyphs and transfer them across the neutral AH. I may do this.  But I'm not going to lie, this was the perfect excuse I've been looking for to level a shockadin. =D Enter Andawe.

He's prot now, but I hope to make a viable shockadin just for funsies. He needed professions so of course I gave him Inscription; my hope is to have a viable Glyph business on both sides of the server.  I also gave him JC, I'm not sure if that'll stick around, I'll have to take a look at the faction's markets a bit more first.

So that's been my efforts this week, when not learning the new ZA/ZG mechanics.  How has your 4.1 gone?


  1. The horde economy has always been horrible, at least on Argent Dawn.

    Similarly, people doing things outside of their guild groups has always been bad as well on horde side.

    For example in Wrath, towards the end, there would be fifteen gazillion ICC groups in alliance trade (with better or worse success). In horde chat? Crickets.

    I generally assumed that if you wanted things like glyphs, herbs etc, horde-side that your guildies took more care of you than the AH did. Same for instances/raids. But I could be wrong about that.


  2. As of last night my profits were 89k since the patch. Lots of over night sales Sunday into Monday. Main sellers have been PvP gear (Bloody Pyrium and Emberfire), red, orange and purple gems (also metas) and Scrolls (Mending, Berserking, Off-hand Intellect).

    I have never been active in glyphs--was behind the curve learning all of them and herbs were so costly it didn't make sense to enter that market.

    However, I did go and learn the new mage glyph, Frost Armor, and was selling them for 299g until someone else figured out where to train it. I sold 5 and now prices are down to 199g and falling every hour.

    Bags are the biggest cross faction "hole" I have seen. Netherweave are always 12g-17g on Alliance and never below 25g Horde side.


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