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Sunday, March 27, 2011

WTB 1 Trusted Friend

No, this is not a post about a lonely or betrayed Faid. This is my entry for the JMTC April Carnival.   This topic just barely went up and I jumped right on it, I love when I have something interesting to say on the topics!

How would you make gold if you had low capital?

Though it's been a long time since I was truly a player with low capital I got a taste of it when I started characters on the opposite faction.  It's because of this opposite faction action (Haha, rhymes) that I stumbled upon the vendor recipe/pet market.  It's a very easy way to make gold with minimal, predictable investment and not a huge chunk of playtime.

You will need:
  • A character on each faction.
  • Either a second account -or- a trusted accomplice.
  • A bit of time and willingness to travel.
  • <100g.

The Plan
The plan is simple.  We will assume you only want to make large amounts of gold on one faction, for this example it will be Alliance, since that was my original goal. You can do both of these simultaneously to make gold on both factions, but for the purpose of this post let's keep it simple and go one-sided.

The goal here is to use a Horde character to buy lucrative Horde-only vendor recipes and pets, such as Black Kingsnakes. Then using the Neutral AH to flip the items you will move these to the Alliance and sell them on your Alliance AH.   Some may stop short and sell them only on the Neutral AH, but I find profits are fewer and they don't sell particularly often. The benefit of stopping at the neutral AH is that you do not need another account or friend.

Remember you cannot buy auctions posted by a character on your own account, this is why you need either a second account or a friend.

The Logistics
If a picture is worth a thousand words how many words is three videos worth?  Here are previous Faidian Slips featuring the recipes I recommend buying/selling for each faction, as well as a guide to flipping on the Neutral AH.  The first two are Faidian Slips, so feel free to mute them and listen to music while you watch 'em.

Horde Recipes/Pets

Alliance Recipes/Pets

Flipping via the Neutral AH

Why go the extra mile? Why not put them on the neutral AH and wait for other players to buy them?
For people unable to find a partner in crime or use a second account it's entirely reasonable to stop before flipping them; there's nothing wrong and eventually they will sell and make a profit.

The reason I do not do this is because there's one concept I think reflects the way I make most of my gold making decisions: The bulk of the WoW players on any given server are stupid, lazy, or both.

I'm banking on the fact that players will not bother to go to the neutral AH (lazy) and will instead just go to their local AH and look for anything they can use then pay  'decent' price for these recipes.  Often times people aren't even aware they come from vendors (stupid) and will pay thinking this is a rare or hard to get recipe.

On my server I can sell a pet or recipe on the Neutral AH for 7g. This is still a profit over the vendor cost and so you will make gold this way.  But by moving them to the opposite faction's AH I have my threshold set at 85g per recipe or pet and they sell like mad.  Over the course of about three months I made 33,000g selling only recipes and pets on Horde side, my non-primary faction. 

Those runs seemed to take you a long time.
If you make this recipe run every day you will likely spend large amounts of time doing this.  I recommend buying in "bulk." As I mentioned in the third video, I usually keep 14 of everything in stock. With the speed these items move on my high population server I usually only have to restock twice a month, and so for, say, 3-4 hours a month this is a great payout as long as you're willing to do the legwork.

Start off with just a few of  each recipe, particularly if you're very low in capital. There's a possibility someone else is already doing this on your server. Test the waters before making a huge investment but if your server is like most be ready to dive right in when you see the ludicrous amount of gold this may make you.

This is definitely my favorite way to jumpstart gold making with a low amount of gold to invest.  Not everyone can afford to dump thousands of gold into shuffling but pretty much anyone can afford a few vendor recipes for a couple silver each. Give it a shot, I think you may be pleased!

1 comment:

  1. Yep, this is a great money maker! I did this a couple of years ago when achievements first came out and sold tens of thousands of gold worth of Horde pets and recipes on the Alliance AH.

    One thing that I found to be handy for keeping prices up was to only put two of each up for sale at a time. I wanted people to think that there was a limited amount of these available, so I could keep prices pretty high. Also, others didn't see so many up at one time and think "Hey, I'll get in on that too!" and start competing with me.

    I have two accounts and two computers, so it was easy to put one up on the Booty Bay AH for 1s and immediately buy it on my other account. I never lost one sale transfer this way in all the time that I did it.

    Anyway, great suggestion and I hope my couple of tips help out.


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