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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Week in Review

A call to bloggers: I sort-of-but-not-really participated in JMTC's TeamSpeak meeting this past week and was very entertained talking to folks with similar gold-making interests. There were a few people with blogs that I know aren't on my blogroll there but I'm afraid I've had a heck of a time remembering or finding them. If you meet that criteria, or even if you weren't in the meeting but have a gold blog you'd like included in my blog roll, please let me know! I'm always on the look out for more to read!

Sorry for the lack of Faidian Slip or timely post this Sunday, it's been a very long week for me both IRL and in-game and it's definitely caught up to me.  Weekends just aren't long enough! I'll get a post up tomorrow (Monday) but until then, let's talk about how this week went.

Liquidate's Week in Review

This was my first full week with my auctioning being handled from my second account and it went better than I'd ever expected.  Argent Dawn is one of the oldest servers and is high population. There are a lot of gold-savvy players and so often if things aren't selling it's not that there's not a market but that there's a more aggressive player undercutting your auctions.  Some markets are okay with a "post it and leave it" style of play but most need some real attention paid to them. 

Having Liquidate has allowed  me to keep an eye on the AH through most of my WoW activities and I'm pleased to report that in her first week of existence Liquidate's "Gold earned from auctions" statistic lists over 130k.  Of course, that was largely reinvested and I profited about 60k this weekend.  This is great, though, considering I'd been hitting about 15k over an entire week in the past.

What's she been up to?

   Gems were already a pretty big part of my selling setup but now I've been able to babysit the market more which has resulted in increased profits.  This has brought about some added frustration, though, because now that I don't just post it and leave I've been able to view more players in the market and how they post/play. 

   I'm not discouraged from the market as a whole, but I've noticed huge windows of time when the market is owned by an aggressive undercutter (Emma from my previous post) that it's more beneficial for me to just bow out until the person logs off.  On other servers it may be possible to bully someone out of a market or to undercut to loss-level profits to scare someone off but on my server there are just too many fingers in the JC pie and we're all getting our gems essentially free thanks to the cheap ore; I think it'd be too dangerous a venture.

   That's right, I took the plunge.  With the botter gone the market is now open to more players and I've been able to make a great profit off of Inscription once more. I buy herbs at 40-60g a stack and craft any glyph selling over 90g, leading to great profits.

   Interestingly enough I've found that Emma, on a different toon, is also heavily invested in the glyph market. However I've found that Emma posts auctions on different characters categorized by professions and so when they're on their JC toon I can undercut their glyphs and when they're on their glyph posting toon I know I'm safe to post gems without sacrificing deposits. 

   You may remember I delved a bit into cards at the very end of the fair last month and made a surprising profit on my investment.  I decided to put the Inferno Inks I was getting when doing glyphs to good use and make some cards. I've made about 10 cards today which have sold, combined, for about 15k, which was a great deal for the money put into them.


There you have it, Liquidate's first week in existence.  As stated, I'll try for a Faidian Slip and/or great post tomorrow, for now I must go pass out.


  1. JC is still my biggest cash cow. I am also on a vanilla-launch server and the economy is very well established.

    Luckily for me this means lots and lots of JC and alchemists looking for raw gems.

    The glyph market and I have a love/hate relationship. I love how good it's been to me in the past but now with glyphs selling for so much the competition is fierce.

    I make so much in gems I can't justify the time involved in trying to stay on the top of the glyph pile these days.

    Glad to hear your new endeavor is working out for you.

    As a side note, although I don't have anymore char slots I wonder if it would be feasible to use disposable alts to throw off those who would try to track you. You could use an alt for a few days then delete them and start a new one.

    Might work in certain markets like glyphs were people wait for you to log out to undercut.

    If anything could be a fun experiment.

  2. Referencing the article, what is the best way to determine which glyphs are listed over 90gp, and to craft only those?

  3. @flux: I sometimes "accidentally" do that. I cycle through toons used for AHing every few weeks; I'm not sure if it's given me any tactical benefit though!

    @Anonymous: I'd bet there are addons out there that make it easy, but I do it the "old fashioned way," which is the subject of the Faidian Slip I'm putting up later tonight so keep an eye out!


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