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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

UJ Market Notifications: Your Best Friend

Isn't that just the most beautiful thing you've ever seen? This enchant has sold on my server in the past for upwards of 30k.  I'm not yet sure if I'll flip it or learn it, since it's also the highest +Stats enchant that can be put on BoA chestpieces.  Regardless, it's an amazing deal.

With an incredibly active AH (3 AM on a Wednesday? Over 900 pages of auctions!) however did I snag such a great deal before someone else grabbed it up? The answer to that is the greatest thing since sliced bread, if sliced bread sent you e-mail notifications to tell you it had recently been sliced.

The Undermine Journal has a feature which allows you to set parameters for notifications.  Basically anything that can be posted on the AH can have a notification set up for it. You can have one just to let you know if one's even available, if one's available under a certain price, or even if there's none available so you know when you can jack up prices.

I get these notifications sent to my e-mail which I'm constantly able to view throughout the day. I believe they're now also doing twitter and Facebook stuff though, so you can probably even have it, either directly or roundabout, sent to your phone!  (Don't quote me on that though, you kids and your newfangled facetwitterbookspace confuse the heck out of me.)

The best bit is that if, like me, you're too lazy to make your own notifications you can now import other people's lists. Granted, this may cause you more headache than help; on my server most of the "rare" items are posted in vast quantities so I often get mostly useless notifications, but I deal with them for the time saving and for these great 45g deals.

A great guide to setting up notifications as well as a list of notifications you can just copy and paste (the same list I'm using!) is available over at The Consortium, check it out!


  1. I agree. After having imported the list from Consortium last week I hadn't had very many hits but tonight I had the schematic for Lifelike Mechanical Toad pop up for 2.5k! I snatched it up and am trying to flip it for 8k. If it doesn't sell I'll strongly consider learning it to prepare for the new pet achieves.

  2. great deal! one day it will come to the EU players hopefully :(

  3. gz for the great deal, got mine for 4g a couple of months ago.

    I hope TUJ never comes to EU. That tool should be banned and its downtime due to interface changes was the best thing to happen.

    just too much of an advantage imho



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