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Monday, March 28, 2011

Twitter: What is this I don't even

First off, Faidian Slip 14!  (At the time of this posting Youtube is still processing the video, if it does not show or the video quality is poor, check back in ~5 minutes.)

Edited to add: For more information on farming Large Brilliant Shards Kammler also put up a great and informative post here.

Secondly: Twitter. Perhaps I'm just, at heart, an old person, but I don't get Twitter. The status updates of Facebook with fewer characters allowed.  The communication of an Instant Messaging service or IRC with fewer characters allowed.  I just don't get it. I don't know how to use it, it's weird to me.

That said, I'm willing to learn if there are enough people who would be interested in my having Twitter and being able to be reached on there, as well as, whatever the lingo is . . . "reading my tweets?"  This sounds dirty. I like it.

I just know there are several people I would like to be able to follow, such as prncesspwn, that don't have a blog but use Twitter instead, and so I'm playing with the idea of using Twitter.  Tell me, would you be interested in following Faid on twitter?


  1. I have been on twitter for about a month, and I still have no clue on half the "lingo" #this means something, @name is something else, bla, bla, bla. Don't get me started on messaging there. I message people instead of "tweeting" and vice versa. And it is dirty...

    It is a decent "social" networking site, but by far skype is the #1 for conversations, as quite a few of us (bloggers) get in a "room" and chat it up. Skype is both a typing and voice chat, although the voice is just like a phone, no vent or TS push to talk. Much easier....

  2. LOL, I'm on there but I dont get it either. Skype is definitly 10 times better, altho it is hard to get used to not having to push down a button to talk. If your ever on skype, feel to hit us up, a lot of us get in a call and just talk/vent or come up with new gold making ideas!

  3. I feel compelled to comment since I posted today about Large Brilliant Shards and farming in BRS to get them.

    I had not watched NF #14 until just now--read the Twitter post but was scanning blogs whilst the wife slept and didn't have my headphones.

    Your video is so much better than my envy.

    Anyway, I didn't rip off your idea but did have a similar post today.

  4. Honestly I'm with you Faid. I've been thinking of starting a pool on when Twitter is going to Myspace itself and die under the crushing weight of its own banality. It's real value cases are dwarfed by the insipid mass of self-promotion and retweets. Any time yet another media person implores me to follow them on Twitter, they go down two notches in value to me.

  5. Nah, Twitter is for the ADHD generation.. You're coming across very nicely in your blog I think, Faid, and I urge you to stick to that (and the videos!)

    Just promise me you'll play more VNV Nation. ;) Great stuff, and yours too - keep it up.

  6. Good post! The thoughts you have about to make gold or to not make gold sound a lot like what i've been thinking. Your way of looking at it is healthier though haha. I'll get there. Some time.. I hope.

    I'll see if farming shards can be a nice break from the AH grind although Poseidus and his rares (as I call them) keep me pretty busy). 1 is not enough.

    "The object is more" - Cap


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