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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Taking a Brief Break

I think having hit 500k now may be a good time for a break from serious attempts at making gold.  I certainly don't intend to cease all gold-making projects, but basically it's come to my attention I may enjoy my playtime a bit more if I don't focus so much on gold-making.

I once bowed out of the glyph market because it was taking more time than I felt it was worth.  Well, I'm sort of feeling that way again, but for gold making as a whole.  I love being able to log into 10-20k in my mailbox each morning, but I tend to lose sight of the fact that that's usually because rather than play my toons and enjoy the game I was sitting in SW babysitting my auctions for most of the evening before.

My surge in gold-making with a lack of effort required is now explained.  My main competition in both of my main markets whispered me today explaining they'd had their internet knocked out for a week by a storm. (They attend a raid I run, thus the whisper. I doubt it's common for most people's competition to whisper them with updates. :P)  I've decided this is a good time to take a step back and decide just how much of my playtime I want to invest in making gold.

I'm still going to work to make gold, and I'm still going to blog just as regularly about my ventures, but for a week or two I think I'm going to bite the bullet and log off my AH toon except for posting and cancelling, no more of this AH camping, no more 2 hour prospecting marathons.  I will make gold, I know it. It may take longer but, in the end, if I enjoy myself more and get to experience the game the gold's actually for I think I'll still come out the winner.


  1. Enjoy your break from AH sitting :) It is true! Logging into game with gold from AH is always awesome :D

  2. When something feels like a chore I head in a different direction. You have to "chase the fun" as one of my good game developer friends put it.

    For me I've been enjoying working towards 100 mounts. It's been fun doing Netherwing and Argent Tournament dailies again.

    I actually hit my 25 dailies cap the other day. Haven't done that in years.

    WoW is a game, not a job.

  3. Well said, Flux. I've been going back to my warrior alt and having a lot of fun with it. I actually am looking forward to gearing her up at 85, instead of just wanting to hit 75 for professions. xD

  4. You are my hero! Enjoy your playtime, and please keep posting...

  5. enjoy your break and recharge your batteries! I've been hitting the AH pretty hard this past week so I will probably just level an alt this weekend or do some pvp.

  6. I'm glad you left an explanation for why your competition whispered you, lol. I immediately started to wonder why they would do that.


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