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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

See this, what do?

So we left raid tonight and as I was about to go put my raid snacks back in the kitchen I hear a call from my intrepid hunter companion "Big Battle Bear 50k!"

So now I have a conundrum.  I've never really sold TCG mounts, or any big ticket item of this sort. (I know enough to know 50k's a good deal though!) I've watched a Mottled Drake rot on our AH for several weeks at 118k and so I don't think there's a million people out there snapping up TCG items.

On the other hand I'm pretty big into collecting mounts. I'm  not one of those ZOMGMUSTHAVETHEMALL people but I do have . . . 125 mounts, so clearly I like collecting them a fair bit. The thing is, though the mount is attractive, I'm not a huge fan of bears and it would probably just become another button on my mount selection screen to scroll past.

So it comes down to:
Exclusive mount I probably won't really use?
Extra gold, though probably no more than I could make in a week?

Edited to add: Well that was fast! My decision was made!  I thought it over for a bit before reminding myself "Gold is easy to make and common to come by. I may never see another of these mounts.  /right click"

But tell me, have any of you guys bought/sold TCG items? I'm dealing with someone to buy some for my toons (I've always desperately wanted a fishing chair but this guy doesn't have one to sell me. Q_Q) and have never really done the TCG thing.  Have you guys had good luck selling the loot?


  1. Nope, never have. The only time I was close was for a giant chicken thing. A guildy beat me to it and then complained about being ripped off. I thought, 'whew! there but for the grace of Cenarius'.

    I have never been tempted again.

    125 mounts? Awesome. 126? Awsomer.

  2. I picked up a Mini-XT code from a guildee for 2k gold. Appherently they had extra.

    What I really want is all the rl money I spent buying packs of WoW TCG cards trying to get lucky. The best we ever did was pet biscuits.

    My wife did get enough UDE points to get herself a few tabards to help her get her tabard achievement.

  3. I've yet to buy / flip a TCG item, unfortunately. My server's kinda on the smaller side, and I don't think there's anyone who deals with the TCG mounts. I don't think I've ever seen one advertised in trade or on the AH. Which sucks, because I'd really like to blow a bunch of gold on one of them. The Sandstone Drake is becoming way too common way too fast, and my vanity dictates I need something else to show off how much gold I have. Hopefully with the release of 4.1 and the new TCG cards, someone on my server will be willing to sell one of the new mounts.

  4. I was in the same kind of situation a few months back when I bought the Big Battle Bear for 40k.
    When getting the TCG mount for so cheap I was very tempted to flip it if I could get it to sell for 80k, but in the end I decided to use it aswell. You cant really be sure if it will appear back on your realm for a long time, and even if it did it could be very overpriced.

    At least now you have the mount and the decision will be just one regarding flipping the item next time.

    My general rule has become to use the first one, flip the second.

    We already know how to make gold so we dont have to rely on flipping these kind of items.

    Congratulations on the new mount!

    [mine has gathered a bit of dust, but I do give him a ride sometimes]


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