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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Moving your gold to another server just got easier.

Assuming this includes guild bank gold and not just items/bought tabs, this will probably be the most reliable way to move gold cross-server in the future. Throw away all those 5k fortune cards and choppers!

We want to give everyone an early heads-up regarding our plan to implement a guild relocation service for World of Warcraft. The idea is for a guild leader to be able to transfer a guild to another realm. The guild structure remains intact, including the guild leader, guild bank, ranks, and guild name (depending on availability).

Guild members who decide to relocate with their guild may initiate their own paid character transfer. Upon a successful transfer they will automatically be part of the guild when they first log into the new realm. Their guild rank and guild reputation will be intact.  

Guild leaders who do not want a change of scenery may also choose to pick a new guild name using another new service. These services are in development and we will be providing additional details at a future point in time. 

As with all of the features and services we offer, we intend to incorporate the guild relocation service in a way that will not disrupt the game play experience. Please note that this feature will require extensive internal testing, so you may see bits and pieces of the service appear on the public test realms. We'll announce further details at . 


  1. haha awesome, didnt ever think of that when I saw it. Definatly a amazing way to transfer gold across realms.

  2. Best. News. Ever.

    I just hope Blizz doesn't nerf this once they figure out you can move gold this way.

  3. I think they will only allow a certain amount of gold to be transferred per character that is moving like 10k gold per character inguild that transfers as well not sure thou


  4. I'm still trying to figure out how selling a guild could be made profitable now that guild names will be able to be changed.

    /2 WTS level 6 Guild with 4 bank tabs, 10% XP and 10% Mount speed already unlocked. 30k. PST

  5. You can already get a guild name change by just petitioning a GM that you bought the guild and want to change the name.

  6. Yes, you can get a guild name change by asking a GM - unfortunately, I've been told it's one 'vanity' change per account when I bought a guild bank with a really stupid name. I'd already changed one so couldn't change the 2nd.

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