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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Death of a Dragon

Hope you don't mind, but I'm just still so stoked from our Nefarian kill last night and wanted to share the video of it. =D

In a gold-making vein of information, you'll remember I previously talked about doing glyphs the old fashioned way.  Well, that's true, but I also suffered from "not wanting to learn addons-itis." Though I'll still make glyphs "by hand" when time permits, now that I know how to use TradeSkill Master for it as well I know glyphs don't have to be a huge endeavor to restock

If you too want to learn TSM for glyph posting please, do what I did, and watch Fluxdada's amazing tutorial videos.  Unforunately my TSM_Shopping is broken in that there's no vendor button for stocking, but it's still saving me tons of time when it needs to! There were some great written guides out there but, hey, when given a choice between doing homework and watching a movie . . . =D


  1. Grats on the down!

    I've read through most of your blog posts while at work today and I'd like to thank you for making my day more interesting. As a novice at gold making myself (wealth of only 20k or so built from obsidium shuffling and transmutes) you've given me several ideas for expanding my trade.

    Also have a question. Do you keep track of AH profits and such in spread sheets or anything? And if so how useful do you find this information? Was thinking about doing this but I've been lazy about it so far. Anyways,

    Thanks for blogging! Hope to read more of your stuff in the future!

  2. @Digitalnametag: Spread Sheets stink of math. :| Haha, I've never been one to number crunch; it may hurt me in ways I don't even know but once the spreadsheets come out I feel gold making moves from "fun" territory to "homework."

    The closest I come is looking up my own selling toon on Undermine Journal and looking at some of my sales statistics, but that's pretty much it!

  3. Haha. Thanks for the response. I was just curious. I'll probably be to lazy for the math too.

  4. XD Grats! That was an awesome fight!


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