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Friday, March 4, 2011

AH PvP Record: 1 - 1

I'm pretty bad at PvP.  Apparently I'm "meh" at AH PvP!

Cutting off the Nose to Spite the Face

One of my most recent ventures was to move all my buying and selling to my second account. I even recreated Liquidate, my old glyph posting toon!  This would allow me to do whatever I'd like on my mains/alts (dailies, raiding, archaeology, etc.) without having to give up my presence on the AH to buy/undercut/etc.  This resulted in a huge surge of sales for several days and I was sitting pretty.

I started to notice, though, that another player seemed to have the same set up. There was a level 20 shaman we will call Emma in SW who would constantly, quickly undercut me by posting one gem 1c below mine.  She did this for probably about 80% of my cuts and I decided I really liked this market so I was going to try to push her out.  I was quite sure this wasn't a bot  (coincidentally I later found out with about 80% certainty that this is the alt of a guild member/friend)  and decided to just strong arm them out. I would drive prices so low neither of us would profit and hope that they ran out of steam before I did.

Things went well for a while. I constantly undercut them while they constantly undercut me.  I was making about 10k a day off the JCing regardless of this little gem war going on and was okay with it.

Until I sat down and took my own advice and began tracking my incoming and outgoing. While I was making a profit of about 10k a day I was spending almost 2k a day on posting fees for all these gems.  I kept on for a little while before finally throwing in the towel.

I never really had the desire to get into bidding wars or to try to muscle anyone out of a market before. I know I don't have the attention span to dedicate to such a venture and so usually I just go to one of my other pet markets until they clear out. So, "Emma" has won this one. But I feel like admitting I was losing and backing  out sooner rather than later gives me a bit of credit.  I still can make good gold here by posting during the day when this player isn't online, as well as posting the lucrative cuts they don't have. (Seriously, they don't have any Inferno Ruby cuts. o.o)  So I'm not feeling like I'm running with my tail between my legs as much as I might otherwise. =D

Faid: Back with a Vengeance
So how did I redeem myself in the world of AH PvP? By pointing the banhammer at my great rival, of course!  Well, great rival? Not really, we barely even competed in the same markets; I would do gear and consumables with small ventures into enchanting scrolls, he would do glyphs with the occasional enchant scrolls. But when one of us would post up those 5 scrolls the heavens would break and rain blood upon the masses as our epic battle unfolded.

But, yeah, remember this guy?

I think the reporting finally paid off. I think he's been banned!  Only time will tell if he comes back, but for now, he's gone. At long last, the glyph market is free.

Free for the taking? I'm not sure if I want to delve back into glyphs; it wasn't my favorite market to begin with. But with the market so competitive I imagine it's nearly barren now that he's gone, I may be able to swoop in and make some pretty hefty cash.


  1. Hey,

    well, in the past I came across similar situations. During LK there was this one guy that even logged out during ICC raids just to do a cancel/repost on gems. He didn't have two accounts obviously.

    Since I didn't really need the market, I made myself a fun of it undercutting him once he logged out. It cost me a lot of gold on deposits but I disliked his attitude so much that I thought my actions were justified. Nowadays, I feel kind of awkward about that cause i lowered myself to a "cancel/repost monkey" level.

    These days I try to stay away from the JC market since everyone and his grandma seem to be in it. I just provide raw gems at a huge undercut to get rid of them and leave the cancel/repost stuff to those that think it is worth their time. Personally I consider my time to be worth much more than that.


  2. I have not been watching the markets closely but I noticed glyph sales have boomed lately. I am a TSM 12-hour post (and forget about it) kinda guy. I do that with DMR cards/decks as well. Minimal investment with a 12 hour post tax.

    I have noticed that the meta market has been slammed to the ground. Would a certain blogger be the blame for this? [taps foot and rubs chin]

  3. @Crusard: Nuuuu! I actually haven't been messing with metas at all! I gave some to a guild member to cut to max out their JC and have been selling those 10 or so, but it's not been a main market for me. :3

  4. I think that your approach to the AH PvP was a bit ineffective.
    What I did the last time I had to drive someone out was simply posting so low he could in no way make any profit.

    Of course I was at a loss, but since it's PvP, I was fine with that.
    After 2 days he went out of the market for a while, allowing me to sell for 200% value.
    This made up for the "wasted" money for driving him out, even though he returned very soon.

  5. I find the 1c undercut to be like waving the middle finger--just hate it to no end.

    When I try to push someone out of a market I have to be convinced of two things: that I'm willing to lose money in the short term to do so, and that if I succeed I can make back my money over a reasonable period of time.

    I then try to find the burn rate and post just above that amount. If they buy me out, great--I double my posts at that level as soon as possible. If they UC me then they are flirting with losing money.

    Either way, I keep driving the price down. If they are buying my inventory then they will eventually accumulate so much they can't liquidate it. If the price drops far enough they will get out.


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