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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Transmute: Less bang for your buck?

I've done the transmute Living Elements transmute three times since 4.0.6. A tried selling one Truegold, god there's so many people doing it it's useless.  What I found was I procced all three times! WOOOOO!  But, wait.  What's this three volatiles?

So far I have a 100% proc rate after 4.0.6 but when I do proc I only get 3 of the procced Element.  It could be I'm both insanely lucky and frustratingly bugged, or it could also be that they've changed the way this transmute and transmutation spec works together: that you'll always get extra, but that extra won't be very much.

Have you guys noticed a change in your transmutes?  If so, and the above is intended, will you continue to be transmute spec? Will you do Living Elements or something else?

If it's intentional I think I'll keep it up; it may not be double the volatiles, but a bit extra every day will help a lot, considering I go through about 100 of most volatiles per day. =]

Edited to Add: Folks over at the JMTC forums have a theory which I think sounds about right; that each of the 15ish volatiles you get are rolling the 15% chance to proc separately, so it's still possible to get no procs if none of the 15 get that 15% proc, but odds are you'll get a few.


  1. I had the same issue on my transmute master. The first one I did gave me a bonus of 4. Today I did it and I did not get a bonus at all. The bonus of 4 was the same as the Air I was in Uldum for.

  2. Of my three xmute masters only one procced and I got 3 fire. Not quite the Vegas "Jackpot" feeling I got before when seeing 15 extra show up once in a while.

  3. I've got 9 transmute masters I do the living transmute on each day, all have proc'd 2-4 a day. May have had one or two toons not proc any. Must say I'm loving the change and hope it's permanent. It feels like the proc is much more useful now than it used to be. I do 3 truegold transmutes a day and they seem similar to how they always have.

  4. From:

    I wanted to hop in and clarify and confirm there was in fact a change that was implemented with the patch that unfortunately did not make the patch notes.

    The change actually adjusted the return on the transmutes so that you weren't getting spikes in the amount of items you'd get from the transmute. Instead, if you transmute over a period of time, the amount of the transmute return should even out.

    So basically if you transmute on a regular basis, you should see a more regular return on the transmute vs. a spike in large returns. Transmutation specialists will almost always get a PROC when transmuting living elements.


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