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Friday, February 25, 2011

Stop. Please just stop!

I have never seen so much low-priced ore.  Over the past two days I have processed about 300 stacks of Obsidium and Elementium Ore, all found on the AH for under its value.  Today I woke up and found about 250 more stacks up and am settling in for a long afternoon of Netflix and prospecting.

But have you ever felt like you have too much inventory to possibly move? The above image is only about 1/4 of what I've acquired this weekend, and as you can see, there's still prospecting to be done as well as a full mailbox of ore.

A few people do a few different things and call it the Obsidium Shuffle, so here's an outline of what I actually do myself:

Blue quality gems - Cut and AH
Carnelians - Carnelian Spikes => DE
Hessonite - Hessonite Bands => AH Blues/DE Greens
Alicite - Alicite Pendants => AH Blues/DE Greens
Jasper - Jasper Rings => AH Blues/DE Greens
Zephyrite -  Cut and Vendor
Nightstone - Nightstone Chokers => AH Blues/DE Greens

I keep a small stockpile of Jasper/Zephyrite/Nightstone for daily days to use for my own purposes and to possibly sell, but with so many people doing it the prices don't often rise on JC daily days.

I use the Celestial Essences to make an assortment of profitable scrolls and sell excess dust on the AH but it's very difficult to avoid flooding the dust market.

However, with the stock I currently have I feel I'd get more stock than I could move in the realm of jewelry.  I'm thinking I'll likely continue as I have been but also DE the blue jewelry; this will let me create more scrolls that require shards while also allowing me to move my materials without flooding the market of blue jewelry out.]

JMTC's carnival topic for March is about specialization or diversification; I intend to make a post about it this weekend.  Right now I've just got enough on my hands trying to find diverse ways of unloading all these gems!

I'll likely transmute certain ones, such as Carnelians, since the Inferno Rubies move very quickly while possibly cutting and vendoring alicite. I'll need to crunch some numbers, but I think that may work out in my favor.  I have so much dust, I have too many Alicite Pendants to sell, and the amount of time it would take to DE all of those necklaces turns me off to the idea of continuing as I have in the past.

Do you guys all have any interesting or unique ways that you unload gems or enchanting mats?

Edited to Add: I'm getting a lot of great input, thanks guys! Unfortunately meta gems would require me to proc pretty much every one to be profitable on my realm, but I'm glad that's working for y'all!  *rolls around in a pile of unsold gems*


  1. Meta gems! When I have more stock than I can deal with, I usually just make a ton of meta gems. This gets rid of three of each uncommon gem each time you do it, and that will definitely take a nice chunk out of your stash. Metas are also some of my best sellers, so having a ton around helps me quite a lot.

    You could always just cut and vendor too. Right now, dust is so cheap that making rings or pendents would likely be a loss compared to cutting and vendoring. But since I'm not a huge fan of that, I've started simply listing them raw in the AH. It'll definitely take a while to move all your stock, but on the plus side, there's no way you can lose money because of how cheap you got the ore.

  2. @Vince: Unfortunately meta gems would be a loss unless I had one of the three new cuts, none of which I am intending to buy the pattern for. Metas were a huge part of how I made gold in Wrath but on Argent Dawn right now they're mostly a loss.

    Yeah, I'm seriously considering just cutting and vendoring some while auctioning others raw. We shall see how the markets unfold.

  3. Suprised as well you didnt mention meta gems. The other item...not sure if it works given your stock and server prices but I have my alchemist make the rare blue and orange gems...just to diversify more. The rare reds sell really well, cut and uncut.

  4. Shadowspirits eat a lot of green gems. A couple hundred meta transmutes gets rid of 180 stacks of green gems.

    I've also switched form DE'ing spikes to Inferno Ruby transmutes. They seem to sell faster at a higher price than the essences did (plus I get bonus procs). I still get enough of lesser essences from disenchanting the rings that i don't really miss the spikes.

  5. Meta gems is what I usually do when I find myself with too much uncut gems.
    I use to craft Zephyrites, Jaspers, and Nightstones but the price of dust has been really low on my server so now I hold on to them untill the JC daily and sell them raw on the ah, the nightstones and jaspers will usually go for 40-50g early in the morning when the daily resets and then down to 30 each when other people start selling them. The Zephyrites usually only go for around 20g. Carnelians I send to my alchemist to turn into inferno rubies, which gives me about 50% more gold then from making the spikes and de'ing them.

  6. On the two servers I've been prospecting on I find it better to ah the Nightstones and Hessonites and cut and vendor Alicites rather than crafting and breaking them. Also recently I've found that having a transmute spec'd alchemist make transmute Carnelians to Inferno Rubies instead of making Carnelian Spikes to D/E has been another way to squeeze a few more gold out of every stack of ore.

  7. I Agree with everyone else on the meta gems, but that is really server specific. I got lucky and picked up the Reverberating Shadowspirit design last night for 2k. (Thanks to Undermine Journal notifications!!) It's typically been going for 8k - 18k on my server. I thought about flipping it since the gems go for just over 200g on my server, but I figure that even at that price, I'll make my investment back quickly just making gems. It saves me having to buy the gems for myself and my guild mates too.

  8. Have you considered transmuting the Carnelians to Inferno Rubies?

    These sell well on my server, can't even keep the stock up.

  9. I use the dust that I get from de to make bags as. It takes 15 it will eat the dust up really fast. I am moving 2-300 bags last 2 weeks.

  10. This has been a huge problem for me lately, specifically finding an awesome farmer who keeps sending me around 100 stacks of elementium each day. Your inventory screenshot looks so much like my inventory that I had to leave a comment.

    I have leveled transmute alchemy on one of my alts to be able to transmute the carnelians into inferno rubies but that has problems in itself. While it is great and all to have that many inferno rubies, I just can't do anything at all with the rest of the gems. Some sell on JC daily days but even today (zephryte day) I haven't been able to sell more than 15. Perhaps it's just the weekend mania when everyone is online perhaps not, but the price has fallen down to 15g apiece and with listing costs and ah cut I don't think it is even worth trying to sell.

    I also have a problem with moving Amberjewels and Dream Emeralds. Any pointers for those? What cuts are the most popular for you?

  11. @Wisredz: Dream Emeralds I have several cuts for. Some on my server have gone to shit, but I always find Puissant to sell quickly at decent money and Steady to sell less quickly but at higher profit.

    Amberjewel I have the Mastery and the Resilience cuts. They never sell high, but anything over 3g is better than a vendor would give me.


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