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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Screw 4.0.6

This will circle around to gold making and be relevant, but first, the relevant whining:

They lured us in, they made us all happy and excited. Prot paladins are getting Rebuke! Prot paladins are getting buffed threat through upped Crusader Strike! Prot Paladins are putting out Censure with pretty much looking at a mob!  Yay!

Ehehehehfuck you prot paladins, we completely screwed over the way your class is played.  For those of you who haven't heard the  Q_Qing of us all across the servers, here's the stealth nerf, which applies to ret as well: When Crusader Strike or HotR misses or is blocked, dodged, or parried we do not gain Holy Power but the CD on that ability is still consumed.

They have completely gimped protection paladins; SoR (With three stacks of HP) was our main threat move.  Now, in order to get off that three stack SoR, you could feasibly have to go through your "other" rotation several times.  One person reported sitting on a targeting dummy for 43 seconds before getting his three stacks.  It wouldn't be so bad if it didn't also consume the CD, you could just jam the button till something shiny happened (In other words, act like Faid playing any class other than paladin.) but the fact that it also consumed the CD is just ridiculous.

I'll be hiding on my alts till Blizzard recognizes the error of their ways.

That said, as I opened with the promise of, there is some gold making opportunity here.  To be viable now a paladin, who used to avoid hit/expertise in favor of mitigation, must get their 8% hit and 26 Expertise, possibly even higher, I'll have to see some theorycraft. Sell tank-style gems with hit and expertise on them, such as Stamina/Hit, Stamina/Expertise, or of course Hit/Expertise!  Also, pairing mastery with them wouldn't be a bad idea either.

I myself will be gemming mostly stamina and reforging for my combat ratings but, yeah.  I'm really really upset about this change, it's ridiculous.


  1. I am sure its just a bug and not an actual nerf, however if it is intended then it should not be much of an issue to switch out a few gem/enchant/reforges to pick up the hit we need.

    Keep in mind that Rebuke also needs that hit rating so if you were intending on boosting raid DPS by say taking over Halfus interrupts your going to need that hit anyway.

  2. @Orthien: I thought that as well until a blue post confirmed it's working as intended and that this is exactly what they wanted.


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