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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Profit Spikes - Much less painful than real spikes.

I'd like to update my blogroll.  If you have a blog you'd like me to include please lemme know; there are a lot I read but not all are on my blogroll, I may just need a reminder, and I'd love to discover some blogs I don't already read!

I'd been kicking around 240k-250k for about two weeks now. I made some large purchases and then just could not get my self back up. I'd get to 248 or so then suddenly feel the overwhelming need to buy some BoE or something.  Today I just did a deposit to my guild bank though and noticed I was at 287k.  Over the past 4 days I've made 47k.  Quickly I set out to decide how, considering I didn't make any "big" sales. Well, not really.  Read on!

Another Day,  Another Dollar
I've still kept on keepin on with my previous tactics; I've sold a few Bloodied/Ornate Pyrium and Emberfire/Fireweave pieces.  I only sell the hats, robes, and other pieces you probably wouldn't skill up on so the prices stay high.  (On a related note, I search the  AH for the ones you do skill up on and buy them when they're under 40g; it's quite common for people to unload stock after leveling and it's cheap Heavenly Shards for me.)

I didn't take my own advice about stocking up on gems for 4.0.6 and was feeling pretty bummed. :(  Uncut gem costs doubled; cut either doubled or tripled for a few days after the patch hit.  And here I was with no stock to move! But upon shuffling I got about 10-30 of each blue quality gem (Has anyone revisited Obsidium => Blue gem rates since 4.0.6? It could be my imagination but it felt higher) and was able to cut and sell those for a few thousand.

I also shuffled about 400 stacks of ore.  I put up the Yogscast on my other monitor and spammed away at my macro.  I did my usual selling of the blue quality jewelry/DEing the greens, the usual shuffle stuff.

The Anomaly
I imagine the culprit to this sudden gold spike, since I actually didn't cash in very much on the "patch markets" in the way of selling Volatile Life or anything, is just a bit of diversity in my practices.  I used to sell my enchanting mats that I got from the shuffle. After all, we've all heard the enchanting market, other than Maelstrom enchants, is in the toilet, right?

Wrong! At least on my server.  The "commonly used" skilling enchants are worthless, of course. The ones that take just a bit of dust or the ones that are the only way to get from 510 to 525, for example.  But there are several enchants that, for some reason, are a bit more valuable, usually because of mats or when  you learn them.

This will vary by server, so you'd want to look at how your server is set up, but all of these enchants have sold very quickly for over double the mats value:

Enchant Bracer - Dodge
Enchant Chest - Mighty Stats
Enchant Cloak - Critical Strike
Enchant Cloak - Greater Intellect
Enchant Cloak - Protection
Enchant Gloves - Exceptional Strength
Enchant Weapon - Avalanche
Enchant Weapon - Mending

When I have shards I also pop up a Mighty Agility or Heartsong as well.   A few notes about certain ones:  Dodge is likely popular since it's one of the best tanking enchants but no one really seems to make it since it requires Volatile Air.  Mighty Stats gives me the biggest bang for my buck, requiring only two Lesser essences and selling for 150-300g. It's what almost every class uses but a lot of people "forget" about it after they level since it has such a small mats cost and is so far down on their list, surely it's not that good!

Branching into enchanting in this way has seriously boosted my profits for not a lot of work or time put in. I will never sell raw mats again, I swear it!  Except, you know, till the markets shift. =P

As a second part of the anomaly, let's talk about Uldum and Whiptail.  I'm not super prone to farming except for when something seriously screams opportunity, such as this. But I didn't jump on the AH and sell them, like all the others did.  (I considered buying others out at the all-time-low prices, but haven't gotten around to it.)  I sent them to my scribe.  I haven't really used a lot of Inscription in Cata, other than a quick poke at the Mysterious Fortune Card business.

But with all that Whiptail and Life I figured I'd see just what all the fuss was about with this new Darkmoon Card of Destruction. I'd heard a lot of bloggers talk about how much they make everytime a fair comes to town.  I'm not going to make it a main business venture of mine, but I figured the mats were just wasting away in my bank anyways.

So I made five cards with the materials I had from a few hours of farming in Uldum.  I got a Two of Stones, Six of Stones, Two of Winds, Six of Waves, Two of Embers.  This event just happened to fall on the last day of the fair so I figured if I posted them up quickly I could probably get top dollar from people scrambling to finish their decks.  Unfortunately I wasn't too well-versed in the market to set prices at adequate.  Luckily most of the cards I could just undercut my competition by a tiny bit and know I was in the clear.

The only one that I couldn't do that with was the Six of Waves.  I'd seen a lot of people over the past few weeks clamoring for this card in trade; I'm not sure if it's statistically rarer but it seems my server had a shortage.  All told I ended up selling them for these prices:

Two of Stones - 999g
Six of Stones - 999g
Two of Winds - 4120g
Six of Waves - 7400g
Two of Embers - 1133g

Not bad for the first 15 minutes or so in the Darkmoon market.  I'm considering, if Whiptail bottoms out, I may invest in making cards; but it's not going to be my main venture.

I also decided to sell tailoring Epics. I crafted one Dreamless Belt which sold for a little under 4k. I still haven't sold the Breeches of Mended Nightmares I made; but my plan is that if they don't sell by the time my mage hits 85 I'll have a nice pair of pants waiting for her.

So that's basically what I think it boils down to.  Doing the same I always did, but using the resources I've always had on hand to diversify and hit up previously untapped markets.


  1. Hi Faid,

    I just recently got into the gold blogging game and would love it if I could be in your blogroll: (You are already in mine as I read you regularly).

    Keep up the good work, your Faidian Slips rock!


  2. The six of waves does seem to be harder to come by. Anecdotal evidence is anecdotal and all, but I made close to 200 cards and only created the six of waves twice.

  3. I'll see your unrelated post comment and raise you another! I had a little play around and hopefully the issue is resolved now.


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