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Monday, February 28, 2011

Obsidium Shuffle for Beginners

Just a quick video that basically shows how I spent my weekend in-game!  Most people probably know how this goes but, as I explain, some people I know may need a bit more convincing.  So here's a video to make up for the lack of Faidian Slip yesterday!


  1. Great howto! I definitely fall into the "stockpile for JC daily" camp (for Zephyrite, Nightseye and Jasper). Even then I sometime get overstocked with one particular color (8 extra stacks of Zephyrite anyone?) and in that case I'll liquidate it through cutting and vendoring. Same thing if I get overstocked with cheap Alicite.

    If I get overstocked with Jasper I make rings, de the green quality rings and sell the blue quality rings procs.

    I xmute or spike/de Carnelians based on OreCursher's recommendation (although I tend to lean toward Inferno Ruby xmutes because I like the feeling of selling gems). Sometimes though the inferno ruby market is way down and the essence market is way up.

    Also, you've inspired me to make more videos. I often find I explain things much better verbally.

    Thanks again!

  2. Well done video. Unrelated question - what addons do you use? I saw Auctionator and TradeSkillMaster_Crafting?

    How about your mini-map and general ui? Thanks.

  3. @World: =]


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