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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Problematic Professions

Meet Lockbox.  Lockbox is my level 61 warrior, who I really enjoy playing.  Her leveling has been gimped a bit because I'm leveling it exclusively alongside my boyfriend's priest, so she can't even reach maximum profession level yet.  But she has a profession conundrum nonetheless.

You see, I have a real profession mess on my hands.  Let me outline it for you.

This is how it is:

  • Paladin (85) - 525 Engineering/525 Blacksmithing
  • Priest (85) -  525 Alchemy (Transmute)/525 Blacksmithing
  • Death Knight (85) - 525 JC/525 Tailoring
  • Druid (83) - 525 Herbalism/525 Alchemy (Elixir)
  • Mage (75) - 525 Enchanting/525 Tailoring?
  • Shaman (82) - 525 Inscription/525 Mining
  • Warrior (61) - 330 Mining/ ???
  • Hunter (31) - 205 Skinning/169 Leatherworking

The pink skills are all ones that I don't care to have on that particular character. Some, like Blacksmiths, I don't need duplicates of.  Others I want, just not on the character they are currently on. 

The problem is this is how I'd like it to be, when all is said and done and my characters are all able to reach the maximum level of their professions:
  • Paladin - Engineering/Blacksmithing
  • Priest - Alchemy (Transmute)/Tailoring
  • Death Kinght - Jewelcrafting/Alchemy (Transmute)
  • Druid - Herbalism/Alchemy (Elixir)
  • Mage - Enchanting/Alchemy (Transmute)
  • Shaman - Inscription/Alchemy (Transmute)
  • Warrior - Mining/Alchemy (Potion)
  • Hunter - Leatherworking/Skinning

So basically I'd drop a bunch of alt professions and relevel them on other characters. I don't even want to know how time and gold consuming this will end up being in the end.  I will probably do this massive profession shuffle mid-March when I can dedicate some off-hours during Spring Break to it.  My main reasoning behind this is to maintain all the professions I want while maximizing the amount of alchemists I can have.

Tell me, do you feel this is a good idea?  I must admit, I'm a bit wary of this investment; everyone's anticipating alchemists to have epic gem transmutes, but if there's one thing I've learned since diving into gold making it's that it's not over till it's over and don't believe it till you see it.

Have any of you ever done this kind of profession overhaul? Did you think it was worth it in the end?


  1. I would suggest putting herbalism/skinning on the druid as they don't have to shapeshift to skin. Herbalism and skinning on a druid is crazy fast for gathering.

  2. @Anonymous: A good idea, but I don't think my resto druid will be skin-farming much. :D Plus, by mixing them up across two characters I can theoretically also have two alchemists; having double gathering on one character simply removes one possible alchemy spot since the other toon can't do double Alchemy. :(

  3. Since you can see nodes for both herbing & mining at the same time now, wouldn't it make more sense to have toons either crafter/crafter & gather/gather instead of having crafter/gatherers?

    you could go something like:

    You get 5 Alchs here rather than 6. But why do you want Elixir spec anyway with cauldrons etc?

    In terms of levelling them, I would start getting the mats now, that gives you several months to stock up on them so you can buy them very cheaply over time. That way levelling won't cost much & if it transpires that Epics are transmutes you're ready to power level your Alch. If Epics are not transmutes then you can just sell those mats you collected over time for a profit (over time ofc).

    Thats they way I would do it if I was planning something like this anyway.

  4. @Mokele:

    The reasoning I have behind not having double crafting is that, if you know me, you know I hate farming. The only reason I have mining is to smelt, the only reason I have herbalism is to piss off people by herbing in flight form. I'm actually thinking of dropping Skinning once I reach 85 on the hunter.

    Even if I do keep gathering professions, I view it like this: Every character that has double gathering professions is a double waste of an alchemy possibility. I could have a toon with mining and alchemy and a toon with herbalism and alchemy. If I had a toon with mining/herbalism not only does that character not have alchemy, but the other character can only have alchemy once!

    And the paladin will be BS/Engineering since it's my main so I want those raid buffs, I thought long and hard about that one. :D

    Good idea about slowly stocking the mats, thanks!

  5. I wrote a long comment, then I tossed it, and just decided to answer....

    "Do as you please".

    I don't know your playstyle, how many pots/elixirs you make for your guild, etc, etc, etc. You know what and where you need better than I.
    But I will say I would rather spend my spring break sitting on a beach sipping Mai Tai's and getting a tan than flipping profs around on toons. =)

  6. I have power leveled enchanting and tailoring after doing some switching around and I would not recommend it. It is both a time sink and a gold sink. I think I spent 10 - 15k on each toon gettting them up to 525 because I had to buy alot of the mats. I have leveled 3 toons on Tailoring and I will not do another one until they change the profession. It sucks now!
    And I second what Alto said....there is definitely better things to be doing over your Spring Break...bring on the Mai Tais:)

  7. I'm currently looking at doing something like this also. I have more gatherer's than I really need and only one Alchemist atm, so I'll be doing a serious shuffle over the next few weeks(as I'm able).
    I actually have a question for you: Have the Potion/Elixir Alchemists been useful since Cata released?

  8. You make a comment about no one really knowing what will happen with epic transmutes and that could potentially leave you with a lot of alchemists without a good gold making daily transmute.

    My thoughts are that while we do not know if the transmute will be an epic gem transmute, Blizzard has always kept an eye on every profession to make sure it is viable as a way to make money. Sure some of us use it more/better then others but the ability is there.

    Come epic gem time I believe alchemists will be able to take advantage somehow because at this same time Blizzard will probably be realizing the lack of alchemy profit from flasks compared to in WOTLK because guild cauldrons require so few flaks per raider.

    Just my thoughts. And good luck changing your professions around. I did a lot of that profession shuffling before cataclysm and love the way it worked out.

  9. I actually agree with Mokele on one aspect... Druids rock at farming and having two farming professions is outstanding rock and roll... Personally, I have mining and herbing on mine... makes for quick farming and the routes are fairly similar... i understand about the skinning, but then I have to stop and kill something, loot everything and then skin it... time waste for farming... i leave my skinning to my hunter who is also a LW... since my hunter is my main, this works for me...

  10. I have 3 xmute alchs and I haven't regretted them one bit. Alchemy is easy and fairly low cost to level. It's one of the profs where more is merrier. I find tailoring is similar with it's Dreamcloth CDs. I found I had too many herbalist and skinners at the end of this last expansion. I've been clearing them put slowly.

  11. I say keep the last one as gather/gather until you hit 65, then relevel leatherworking. Leatherworking won't earn you bupkis until your character gets into more senior levels while the gathering is profitable all the way up. Besides, you're moving from zone to zone anyway, you might as well gather as much stuff as you can for "free" (aka along the way as you level) since once you get him/her max level you'll probably end up parking that toon at an AH to concentrate on making whatever profit you can leatherworking.


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