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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Faidian Slip #11 + Skinnin for a Livin

So, I got ye olde Youtube working this week.  Hopefully it continues. The videos will probably be shorter than they have been, though, since I think it was the length that was causing me issues.  So I'm going to start accompanying every Faidian Slip with a substantial, likely semi-related blog post.  Here's this weeks!

The Fine Art of Tearing the Hide from a Recently-Living Being
After the advice y'all were kind enough to give me in my previous post, I've started slowly making some profession changes.  I decided that that if I were ever to have a farming character it would be my druid.  So, though it hurt me to do, I dropped alchemy and leveled skinning.

I haven't regret it one bit.  Skinning is the ultimate farming profession. On my server one piece of Savage is going for about 6g and I can herb non-stop and get about 10 stacks in 15-20 minutes in Tol Barad. I love it!  I'd had a skinner before but never when it was so easy to get high dollar items.  I got H Grim Batol as my random today and came out with about 1200g worth of skinning loot!

So what to do with all my skins? The priest is getting LWing, ah yeah, leatherworking priest.  I swear she's like the bastard alt I put all the weird professions on. I think all the other priests probably just point and laugh at her.

I'm going to level leatherworking tomorrow and then I'm going to share all my findings, so keep an eye out for a post tomorrow all about my adventures. =D

Sorry this post went up a bit late, we got our first Al'akir kill tonight, including getting Four Play! Grats LotI!


  1. Skinning has been a great money maker for me as well. I have it on my druid too, but with LW instead of herbalism. I may have to reconsider this decision and train herb on him too.

    On another note, what is the addon you use on the mob health bars? I use Tidy Plates but I think I like yours better.

  2. @Kammler: It's Tidy Plates! It's the default skin. A lot of people feel obligated to use common plates like Neon or Threat Plates; I used them for a while but when Threat Plates broke I went to the default (I believe it's listed as "none" in the drop down menus) and have liked it a lot.

  3. I have a LW'ing pally - I get the 'you what?' queries all the time but it made sense originally because my hubby had a blacksmith when we were levelling together. He mined, I tidied up & we both got stuff to sell. I dropped skinning when she maxed during WotLK because most of the top level recipes didn't need leather but I've recently re-levelled her skinning for exactly the same reason as yourself :)


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