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Friday, February 11, 2011

Extreme Shufflin!

I'd done a bit of Obsidium Shuffling off and on in Cata. 20 stacks of ore here, 30 there.  But last night the legend I'd heard tell of from other bloggers happened. Tons of Obsidium Ore under 54g/stack.  All told I bought about 400 stacks of Obsidium and shuffled for about 7 hours.

The sheer volume I was working in meant that no character could hold all the raw gems, but the image to the right, for inquiring minds, is what 157 stacks of Obsidium looks like in gem form! I invested roughly 14k into the ore and have so far made 10k from selling some of the blue jewelry and enchants, with about 30k more in inventory to move from the practice.

I always liked the idea of shuffling since, due to the nature of it, you have so many options. Though some are considered "the" way to go with them, if that market's crap, you can move on. Sure, Carnelian Spikes offer Greater essences; but if you're swimming in that, pair the gems with the now much more common Heartblossom and you've got Inferno Rubies! 

I didn't really do this in bulk before so I had never really grasped how much time this took.  Having done all of this, though, it's a ridiculous time investment.  While it pays off in the end, it's not really a great tactic if you don't have tons of time to commit.  

I really enjoy the shuffle a lot though; I love seeing the synergy between multiple professions working to turn something rather inexpensive into many times more gold. =D 


  1. There is a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow, guaranteed!

  2. I tend to prospect in batches of maybe 20/30 stacks at a time & then either craft & d/e or transmute, depending on where the markets are going. The rest sits in the mail until next time I have a little free time or am at a loose end.

    It's my only real solution 'cos I'm such a hoarder & don't have a huge amount of bank space for that many gems at one plus my JC is also my scribe so she also has herbs & glyphs coming out of her ears! I really should get more organised! lol

  3. I do large quantities when I can either talk on the phone (conference calls) or watch a movie at home--and press my macro button every 2-3 seconds.

    Never done 400 stacks but have done 100 before.

  4. I use shuffling time to catch up on my weekly podcasts which makes the time go by way faster.

  5. Faid,

    Love your comment about the synergy of this. For me thats coolest part of it, although I dont have the ability to do the full "shuffle" yet. I may have missed it but do you know about an addon called Panda? Makes the disenchanting slightly less painful

  6. You're crazy! Even 20 stacks makes me pull my hair out =D

  7. hey faid!

    i just prospected a ton of ore and im sititng on a huge inventory of rare gems

    idk what to do with these i cant unload them fast enough and i cant bring myself to sell the yellow/blue gems at 8g a pop

    any suggestions>?

  8. @Anonymous: If your server is anything like mine 8g a pop for Amberjewels is pretty decent. Cut they go for 10-15 on my server. Remember, they vendor for 3, so 8g's not too bad.

    Amberjewel can be used to make a few JC jewelry pieces:

    I've found their volatile cost a bit scary though and have never made any myself.

    Ocean Sapphires, if they don't sell well on your server (Mine go for between 20-80g depending on the day/cut) can be used to make Elementium Guardians and Sapphire Monocles but, once again, I find the volatile cost a bit scary.

    I tend to just cut them into the most profitable cuts and sell them. Getting 10g out of them is better than 3g from a vendor or 0g letting them rot in your bank.

    (Another option is to stockpile them. If epic gems are made via transmutes again they'll probably take some of the blue quality gems of the same color and some volatiles, so this could be useful to stockpile since tanks will probably want a lot of yellow epic gems at the start for mastery cuts and blue may still be being used by fury warriors/tanks for certain fights.)


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