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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Dying Guild Bank

With guild perks and achievements my opinion towards guilds and my alts has changed drastically.  All of my characters, even Faid, were in my own personal bank <Champion> for most of Wrath.  It was just easier to have them all, effectively, have a shared inventory.  Need that Fire to Transmute a Cardinal Ruby? It's cool, go to the bank. Oh, you meant Titansteel? To the bank! No need for toon swapping!

Then Cataclysm came and Faid moved to <Legacy of the Illuminati.>  I love it there! It's really put a crimp in my banking situation though.  For the first few weeks all of my alts remained in Champion, and other than any time Faid needed to smelt something for others, the banking was still pretty smooth.

Then I began crafting, leveling, etc.  Guild perks were too tasty to pass up.  One by one my alts have left Champion and joined LotI.  The last holdout, my JC/Tailor Klix, came over last night.  This has seriously changed the way I bank, craft, and generally deal with my alts and their professions.

Remember Rebellious? Not so cow-like now!  With Verixi handling things just fine on Horde and a need for a toon to hold Champion for me, I rerolled Rebellious as human. Dirty dirty human hunter.

I played around with a few ideas.  My first idea was to have Rebellious be my "AH Toon."  This was largely how I did things in Wrath; all items were purchased by one character and placed into the guild bank. I would go to each toon separately, craft whatever they were to be crafting, put it back in the guild bank, then I'd go back to the buying toon and sell everything.  I thought about doing this same thing, but through the mail.  That wasn't going to cut it, though. I knew it was inevitable that I'd screw it up: mailing things to the wrong toon, forgetting to mail that one thing I needed, etc. etc.  I would just get a headache pretty quick.

So I've decided to do this:  Other than volatiles, most items I have are used by only one character. My tailor is the only one who really needs Embersilk and gems, my Blacksmith the only one who needs bars, etc.  So I've basically dispersed all of  the items from my guild bank into the appropriate character's personal bank.

What's this left me with, though, is a rather barren guild bank.  Back when Champion was nearly full of tradegoods I had made other banks for other uses; All the Things to hold my vendor recipes to sell, Your Self Storage to hold my stockpiles of older stuff I needed to sit on for a while so they could grow in value. But now, I've got so much space among the three banks! (Champion: 6 Tabs, All The Things: 5 Tabs, Your Self Storage: 5 Tabs)

I'm considering moving everything from my stockpile bank to Champion and selling off my stockpile's guild bank.  The other question this brings up is gold. I used to use Champion as a sort of savings account; each toon had a certain amount of gold they had with them at all times, between 100g to 5000g depending on the character.  Any excess was placed into the guild bank; it was nice since it kept me from making silly impulse buys! =D  But now, with each toon unable to access the guild bank, I'm playing with the idea of a "payday."  All the money will still funnel into Champion, but basically every toon will have their own starter cash per week.  I use that to buy their own specific items, craft, and they sell  their own items.  At the end of the week, they send everything but their starter cash back to the bank. One perk of doing it like this would be I can have a very visible sign of what toons/professions make the most gold for me.

How do you handle your banking/crafting setup on multiple alts?


  1. I have 4 toons in my main's guild that I play(ed) and are between level 80 - 85. These are also my crafters, and gatherers, if needed. I also have 6, YES SIX, bank toons, each with their own guild bank. Each toon is the holder of certain items, mostly split by profession (i.e. one holds all leathers, one has cloth, one has gems, one has inks & herbs, etc.) I do all of my purchasing & selling on two of the bank toons. One handles glyphs, tomes, DM cards/decks, etc. The other handles everything else. It is definitely a pain having toswitch between toons, sometimes multiople toons, to get all the necessary mats to craft items, however, with the amount of "stuff" I have stored,I definitely need more space than the personal bank.

    At this point, I am willing to put up with switching toons, in order to keep all my bank space.

  2. I have 2 gbanks, One for long term storage and the other that I use regularly. Each of my crafters/posters gets 5k on Tuesday after the realm comes back up and I use each character to buy/make their own stuff to keep track of the different prof's profits.

    I continually buy things through the week to feed the profs, and the rest gets sent to the gbank for stockpiling. I have a tab for Ore, Chanting mats, Leather, Ink, Misc (pets and such), and one for powerlevel kits.

    If I run out of mats on a character I just run to the bank and mail them some to tide them over...but this doesn't happen too often. =)

    I make a lot of use of storage via the mailbox for my JC and Scribe.

    At the end of the week I write down how much I've made on each character minus their 5k starting gold and keep track of it. I then drop everything other than the 5k into the gbank by mailing it all to my bank toon. =)

  3. I have 1 gbank with only 3 tabs. I have the one banker alt in that guild & she does all the selling & buying for all then I mail stuff out. I don't move money around very often - each alt gets a starter fund then looks after themselves. Periodically, if 1 alt ends up with loads of dosh, then I'll transfer it to the banker. As for crafting, each alt collects stuff as they level so when I need to empty bags, I mail it to the appropriate toon & they keep it in their own bank spaces.

    Not sure which addon does it but when I hover over an item, it tells me who's got what so if I do need to move stuff around, I do it next time I log that alt.

    Having said all that, I'm pretty new to serious goldmaking & I don't yet have huge stocks of anything or huge crafting sessions. I'm still ramping things up so perhaps I will need to change soon too.

  4. I have 2 GB Toons(1 for each of my accounts) that does almost all buying/selling then mails any crafting goods to whichever crafters need it. Anything I craft also gets sent right to the GB(Truegold, Titansteel, so-on and so-forth) for storage or AH posting along with whatever crafting materials I happen to have collected.

    This is pretty much what I've been doing since before GB's showed up, so I have very few mismailed items after 6 years of doing the Mailbox Shuffle.

  5. I have 3 guild banks--each with 4 tabs. Each guild bank has one toon responsible for it. My 10 toons are: Mule, 5 playing toons (3 85s, an 82 and a 76), two "guild placeholders" for the other two banks--and two toons for opposite faction.

    The banks are segmented according to specialty. One is heavily cloth and herbs, another is heavily ore and leather. The third one is the high volume, quick turnover bank run by my bank mule.

    I am a big fan of anonymous AH postings but have begun to change my methods due to time. Used to, I would post everything by my mule. Crafters would craft and mail to him. However, the logging on back and forth was killing me.

    Now each crafter has a stake of gold and will post most of his own specialties. My AH mule is mainly the toon who buys all the mats for everyone. When the crafters get more than 5k gold I mail the excess to the mule.

    Now I only have to log my mule, check auctions, repost, buy all the crafting mats, and mail them to the right toons. From there I don't have to log the mule again till its time to check his auctions--and all he really sells anymore are flipped items, scrolls and high end rare items--pets, epics, etc.

  6. I'm having a bigger problem than you: my blacksmithing alt had a guild bank I used to store metals. Now, I wanted him at least to hit level 84, so I moved him to my main guild to use guild perks...
    Well, I'm still regularly trying to put Obsidium, Elementium and Pyrite in the bank of my real guild -.-
    Lucly, it's quite easy to see the difference between this bank and, so I usually remember before I put there the ores (or too much of them), but I'm quite sure sooner or later I'll really screw up something this way -.-

    To answer your question: I have two guild banks... I would really need a third one, but I'm having your same problem: I moved two character to my "real" guild (my main was already there), and I think other two could move there... I'm afraid I'll have less and less "space" for guild banks.
    My banks are mostly "thematic": one is for anything mined, the other has one tab taken by raw gems (I'm having a huge problem with those... They also take up an entire regular bank... and nearly a hundred is still in a mailbox), one tab for herbs, and other three tabs with a lot of more "random" things (Tournament's pets, long-term investments, some mats I plan to use soon and I bought while they were cheap...)

  7. All of my profession toons are in a real guild to make use of perks. I still have all of my banking toons in their own guild though to make use of bank features.

    I have two accounts with my toons pretty evenly spread out between them. I usually play on both accounts at the same time (2 comps). I'll play one of my normal characters (leveling them to 84 now so I can get all profs maxed) while on the other comp I have a bank toon posted at the AH so I can repost if needed and keep my eye on the trade channel. I use the guild bank to move items from one bank toon to another without having to wait an hour when using mail. This system seems to work well for me but is dependent on me being able to dual box.

    For people with one account I can see a dedicated guild bank becoming less necessary throughout Cata as people sell off whatever they stockpiled from WoTLK. I would still keep at least one toon with a guild bank though so that you have room to stockpile before major patches and/or expansions.


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