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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Breaking Herbalism News!

Apparently on multiple servers right now the spawn rate of Whiptail and Heartblossom is seriously ramped up. If you're a farmer take your herbalist to Deepholm or Uldum right NOW!  I haven't personally confirmed Deepholm, I'm too busy herbing tons of Whiptail. =]


  1. Just did some link love, I have an update post on 4.0.6 that is being updated hourly with finds.

    Where? Along the river? Quick spawns? Don't tease us like that?!

    Thanks for the update!

  2. Holy heck! Thank you! :) Deepholm has definitely increased heartblossm spawns!

  3. @Alto: Yes, along the river and in the cradle of life, though more along the river. Not sure about Deepholm locations.

  4. Deepholm seems to have generally more spawns everywhere. I definitely am seeing more from Needlerock Slag up to the Pale Roost.

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