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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

4.0.6: Herbalism, I lurv u.

Above is a video example of the buffed herb spawn time in Uldum right now.  Get out there and get gatherin!

(This may severely effect the cost of all that life people stocked up. Who knows?)


  1. Unfortunately European servers are in maintenance right now. We'll have to wait 3 hours to try it. I hope they won't hotfix it during the maintenance.

  2. Nice find. I'm cashing in on this while it lasts. I made a blog post musing about what effect this might have on the markets. *Grabs popcorn and fires up UMJ*

  3. Any clues as to if this might be working as intended. No response from a moderator in a long time about this now. And it has been like this since wednesday.

    Im not going to list why this could very well BE intentional, that would just be fueling a fire.

    Anyone who has a solid source regarding this?

    Litle bit of fast farming is fine, but it also needs to stop sometime for it to be profitable.


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