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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The What, When, and Why of AH Posting

A staggering but mostly unspoken change that snuck in with Deathwing is a tremendous leap in AH posting fees. Acadia did do a brief post about it last month, basically saying "think about the deposit you need to put in."  But what does this actually mean?  What this means is we have to post smart, the days of posting walls and walls of auctions may be, for many, a thing of the past.

Post Smart? 
The greatest tool in your toolbox for smart posting is the clock.  Certain items will sell much better during certain times of the day and it's a very predictable rhythm of market fluctuation. Knowing these trends and posting at appropriate times will help save you from lost deposits and also allow you to get top-dollar for your auctions.

So you're going to tell me what to post when right?
Read on!  Here's a breakdown of all the stuff I sell that I believe benefits from time-oriented market fluctuation and when I post it.  This isn't everything ever, just the things I happen to sell, but you can take these principles and use your imagination to apply them to the items you sell.

Flasks and Potions - 4 PM - 9 PM server time
  • Pretty obvious, you want to sell before most raids begin to supply the raiders who are about to go in to raids but need to snag some last minute consumables.
Volatile Air - 12 AM server time - Mid-Day
  • I do my daily transmute as soon as the clock rolls around to a new day and post them immediately.  I will often post midpack if there are a lot up low.  Every other alchemist is rushing to use/sell their Truegold transmute and each one of them needs 10 Air.  The demand spikes while it levels out and often doesn't meet the supply later in the day.

Ebonsteel Belt Buckles - Mid-Day through 1 AM
  • With people getting Justice Point belts as well as crafted belts and possible raid drops the demand for buckles is pretty high all through the day.  Night time sales tend to decrease because queue times are longer and not as many heroics are being finished, thus fewer JPs and fewer people buying belts.

Buff Food - 4 PM - 9 PM server time
  • Like flasks you want to be supplying the unprepared raiders right before they head into raids.

Heirloom/Twink Enchants - Off-peak hours, non-raid days
  • Alts and heirlooms seem to see the most play during off-hours when those who would otherwise be playing their mains don't have to raid or work on their main character.  Selling these items on off-peak hours is often the best way to go.
Endgame Enchants - Mid-Day through 1 AM
  • With people getting Justice Point gear as well as crafted gear and possible raid drops the demand stays high all through the day.  Night time sales tend to decrease because queue times are longer and not as many heroics are being finished, thus fewer JPs and fewer people buying gear. (Just like belts!) 
PvP-oriented Enchants - Favor Tuesday - Saturday
  • Using the same hours as PvE enchants and the same principles as cut PvP gems, try to sell to those who are maxing out their Conquest in the first part of the week.

Glyphs - Off-peak hours, non-raid days
  • Most people have learned most all of the glyphs for their main at this point, the hot glyph market is for alts and so this follows the same trend as heirloom enchants, sell during times when people aren't playing their mains.
Off-hands and Relics - Mid-day and evening all week
  • These items are generally bought by those attempting to meet the required iLevel to enter heroics, which will most-often be during the day, often in the early to late afternoon.
Greater Darkmoon Cards - First week of every month
  • Pretty simple; people want their epics and they want them now. Sell individual cards and decks during the Fair.
Lesser Darkmoon Cards - Last three weeks of every month
  • This is a great rep filler for when the Fair isn't available, you'll see sales more often when people don't have the option to turn in the Greater decks.

PvE Gems - 8 PM - 1 AM server time, peak playing hours Tuesday - Friday while you own Tol Barad
  • Be sure to have your gems posted up when people are getting out of raids and are looking for new gems for their new gear.
  • Argaloth is a great loot pinata but most people will have killed him within the first few days. Sell your gems all the time while you control TB, but expect to see sales taper off later in the raid week when everyone's already killed him.
PvP Gems - Peak Hours Tuesday - Thursday(ish), after each Tol Barad
  • Conquest points are pretty simple to cap out on and serious PvPers will probably cap through Arenas within the first few days after a reset. The first few days will be prime for selling PvP cuts.
  • People will still be gaining honor throughout the week and even with the hotfix to the Tol Barad honor it will still be a trigger for some to buy PvP gear. Sell your PvP cuts after each battle and while you own it for those who get PvP pieces off of Argaloth.

Uncut Nightstone, Jasper, Zephyrite - 3 AM - Mid-Day on the corresponding day
  • Most people will have logged on at some point before evening and most will do their JC daily as one of their first tasks in the game.  Save these gems and sell them on the corresponding daily's day.

Crafted Jewelry - Mid-Day all week
  • I see the largest sales of "get the iLevel to enter heroics" gear during the day and JC craftables are no exception.  Because this isn't raid-specific the actual day of the week likely doesn't have a profound effect on sales.

That's basically all I sell. As I level my tailoring and become more knowledgable on the Cataclysm trends for it I will be sure to put up some information about it.

What do you all thing, agree or disagree with the times I've posted? Any other hot sellers during certain times of day?


  1. I haven`t been commenting much lately but I have really loved your last few posts! There`s a ton of information in them - what I`m really searching for nowadays is the motivation or inclination to take time out of my obsessive daily grind to post some auctions.

    I did however get off my ass and buy up some cheap netherweave to turn into bags, which gave me a small glimmer of hope into my ability at dealing with the AH aside from bag-emptying.

    Do you have any suggestions for the extremely, uber-lazy and not always professionally inclined player? At this point I have: netherweave bags are great! And gem cuts are great, if only I had a JC!

  2. @redcow: Do you have any professions besides Tailoring that can be used?

    If not, simple flipping is a great way to make gold. Take a look at the times for these items listed and check the AH for them at exact opposite times. You will probably find Volatile Air at its cheapest mid-day, buy it then and resell it right after midnight. :)

  3. I just wanted to say thanks for this post. I am often asked what the best time is to sell certain items on the Auction House and now I have a place to refer the questions.

  4. Finally able to get on blogs again...

    I have tailoring and enchanting on the same toon; both are currently maxed at 450 until I can get her to level 75. Aside from that I have mining and Engi on my main, and a level 65 DK with inscription to make darkmoon cards.

    Also, I watched your resale recipes video and it was great. Would it be possible to have a text list to accompany it? Just recipe/location would be fine; otherwise I'll watch the video again and make my own list :)


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