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Monday, January 17, 2011

What type of player are you?

WarcraftEcon put out it's Top Cataclysm Gold Making Guides for Weeks 1-2 of the year and apparently I'm on it.  When I saw Nerf Faids I was pretty sure it was going to be my post about timing your AH posts or something that I felt proud of. But of course they feature my skeleton in the closet post from the other week. =P

I want to follow up.  This is the post, for those who have not yet read it.  I've had a few people reply or e-mail me, many bloggers themselves, saying "What are you talking about? I totally raid."  Well, neat! Let's talk about that! =D

I have a vision in my head of most gold bloggers.  I have a friend who does not have a blog, but basically, the only thing he does in-game is find ways to make more and more gold.  He doesn't raid, he doesn't PvP, he plays only enough to get max professions and the like.  And this is how I view most gold-bloggers, as people who put gold making ahead of all of their other pursuits in the game.

I also clearly can be wrong, as I am a gold blogger yet I am a raider.  So clearly the gold making community can be very diverse.  Tell me, what sort of player are you?  Shatter my stereotypical vision of you, community!

I'll start!

Also, I have my authenticator
attached to a hamster keychain!
I am a raider, an altoholic who loves both factions equally, I hate PvP but casually arena for points.  I am a mount collector (124!) and a pet collector (125) and an Achievement Whore with 11,080 useless nerd points.  I am not an omg hardcore raider doing hard modes.  My guild was . . . second or third in ten man content in Wrath.  In Cata we've dialed down the raiding and are still progressing through normal modes, but are ahead of many groups on Argent Dawn. Above all of these activites, I love farming rep, I am both Insane and a Hero of Shattrath and constantly looking for another rep to grind.

In-game my favorite solo activites are fishing (Yes, you read that right) and leveling alts.  My favorite group activites are raiding with my guild and doing anything and everything (Of course we can two-man HM LK . . .  notsomuch.) with my boyfriend.  Oh, and I also make gold and then write about it on the internet.

What about you? What are your main interests in-game? What type of player are you?


  1. Have spent early Cata mostly making Gold.

    Toons: 85, 82, 81, 80x2, lowbies

    I like BG PvP, but demanding RL means no time to arena or raid.

    Alliance only.

    Belong to family-style small guild that has been active since 2005.

  2. I love my alts and the variety i get with them. Got my pala, shammy, lock to 85 and then 1 @ 84 and 2 @ 82. Cannot stand PvP but sometimes forced into it.

    Our guild was really tight knit but kinda stopped playing after downing LK in spring last year. Just about got the numbers back up to attend our raids again.

    Not really got the raid bug yet if im being honest, wrath killed it for me.

    I try not to sink my online time into time sinks though, /played gets embarassing.

    gz on the post on econ :D

  3. I'm most definitely an altoholic too - Cata so far has been spent levelling my pala & rogue to 85, priest at 84 then moving profs along, a fair bit of archeology & of course, my recently found love of the gold game. I periodically dig out one of my many lowbies to do guild dungeon runs but we lost a bunch of our main people in Sept & haven't got a raid team back together yet.

    I'm totally useless at pvp but I do get dragged in on lowbie runs sometimes :)

  4. First off, Grats on the Econ Recognition :)

    Myself, I've been a raider since vanilla, I have an alt addiction already have 4 toons at 85, Love PvP, Arena, and related achievements.

    Our guild is small(20 accounts), but there is a group of about 6 or so of us that have been playing together since late vanilla, along with a revolving door of others :)

    I'm almost constant;y in an instance, raid or BG when not alt leveling or making gold, I'm kind of ADHD that way. Lol

  5. I never knew gold-bloggers had a stereotype, but I'm happy to dispel it!

    I'm a 23 year-old law student who got back into WoW for the escapism. As I didn't really have the time to dedicate to raiding, I turned to gold-making as my hobby. I'd been reading Euripide's blog "Gold Capped" for some time, and eventually found my way to all the other great gold blogs out there.

    I've now started my own blog because I love making gold, and I love writing. I still don't have much time to raid, but I'm hoping to do what I can for my guild, as I'm one of the best geared dps/heals we have (thanks largely to buying most of my epics!)

  6. Well i am not a Gold Guru ,or a expert in making gold for that matter ,but i love to read about how to make gold even if i don´t try to do it.I like raiding but left for a few months after we killed the LK after my guild exploded " a la" Venezuelan Soap Opera style of way :) whit back stabbing, drama the works.Just got back 1 week ago to a new guild whit zero money but lucky me i already made 3k gold whit out even trying much whit just mining and JC ,and a friend of mine gave a help get started.But what a really like is to do stuff whit friend being ,raids,quest,or just talk i like to be around good,fun,honest people and have a god time.

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  8. Sorry for spamming the comment box but i forgot to say some things :),my relation whit alt is a weird one i love to create new alts but o get bored easy and so i delete them a probably had have 20+ alts all that didn't escape my delete button wrath :),and my last part is a started a blog ,never did it never write anything but wanted to try and lets see how is goes :).

  9. Raider
    Well...I mostly raid. Trying to do my darnest to be a gold maker >,<


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