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Saturday, January 8, 2011

This is why I can't have nice things . . . or can I?

Meet Goldsink. I mean, Lexicar, my priest.  I rolled Lexicar for one reason and one reason only: I think Priests have some of the best looking tier sets and I wanted to collect a bunch of them.  =D  But, being interested in making gold, of course I couldn't have a character with no professions. For 90% of Wrath she was Alchemy/Herbalism. Near the end I dropped Herbalism for Blacksmithing and powerleveld Blacksmithing to 450. Painful on the bank, but it eventually paid off.

Now the facepalm: When training Azeroth flying on her I accidentally double tapped and bought 310% flying as well. Q_Q Anticipating my druid not being able to herb in Cataclysm for a while, I bit my lip and dropped Blacksmithing and trained Herbalism 1-525 in one afternoon. Ouch!

Now for the coup de grĂ¢ce.  My herbalist leveled faster than I anticipated. So on Lexicar I dropped Herbalism and leveled Blacksmithing all over again, it cost me about 17,000g.  I chose Lexicar to regain Blacksmithing as my only alt at 84.

I was feeling really bad about the whole process, having recently made a pledge not to spend so much gold on silly things.  Now, though, I've decided it was a good decision. Since leveling Blacksmithing two days ago I've made 33,000g selling the Bloodied Pyrium set so I'm feeling pretty good about it!


  1. I recently did this on my main, Gertz, I had Skinning and Leatherworking at 450 but decided to switch to Enchanting and Jewelcrafting before Cataclysm. Well I got busy with work and real life and never got the chance to level them beyond 300...I'm thinking I should have kept them and just rolled an alt...maybe another DK just to level quickly and grab some more professions. In hindsight a mistake but like you, now that I am playing again I am just going to pay to power through it.

  2. I can so relate to this. At 80 my main dropped her tailoring skill that was maxed at 450. Why? I didn't think I was making enough money (so I wanted to power level herbalism and have two gathering professions since I made most of my gold from mining). Also my main alt had 450 alchemy and enchanting and I needed herbs for flasks and didn't want to buy them. Then my hubby got his herbalism maxed and volunteered to send me 1/2 of all herbs he gathered in exchange for flasks for raiding. At that time I had only leveled my herbalism to around 240 so I dropped it and then after seeing the new Cata patterns decided to power level my tailoring back up to 450 before Cata hit!! That little decision cost me about 10,000 gold! Now that I have hit the new max at 525 and have been able to purchase the epic boot and pant patterns in Twilight Highlands, (and the other Fireweave and Emberfire patterns), I am making about 2-3k a week selling the leveling Fireweave and Emberfire armor items. Additionally, I am making another 5-8k a week selling the purchased Fireweave & Emberweave patterns, and another 10 - 15k a week with the epic armor items. So from tailoring alone I am averaging 18-26k gold with very little effort. I only put in about 2-3 hours a week farming (or buying) Embersilk Cloth and transmuting Volatiles for the Dreamcloth. So overall, I am pretty happy with my decision!!

  3. I have been struggling with a decision whether to drop skinning on one toon (two have it maxed) and level JC instead. I'm glad I didn't jump into the decision but finally believe I will have to take the leap in the next couple days. I'm almost at 75 on my tailor and that is the first priority now--getting access to the 450+ patterns for Embersilk bags and other cloth items. Then on to JC.


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