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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Raider's Perspective

I've been thinking recently about something I feel sets my blog apart from the other gold-making blogs. A few months back Markco challenged other bloggers to write about what makes their site unique and I wrote this post, basically saying that we're all the same.

But are we? The more I write and the more I read others' blogs and listen to other people's podcasts the more I realize that no one else has the same situation I'm in. Of course, everyone's unique in their situation, but I feel that there's no one, other than myself, writing from a progression raider's standpoint. It's easy to make 30k a day when you're not spending gold on flasks. Of course you can spend all your playtime on the AH when you're not pushing raid content for hours. (Granted, I scaled back from my 40ish hours a week raiding in Wrath to more like 16 in Cata. :D)  Gold probably does pile up when you're not paying thousands of gold per week in repair bills.

No, I'm not bitter that I have all these "goldsinks."  I'm quite fond of raiding and I love my guild and raiding with them.  But I look around and don't see any bloggers writing from the perspective of a raider. And, honestly, I'm noticing most of the big-name blogs are getting further and further from the perspective, even, of a player.  There's not a Call to Auction podcast that doesn't go by that I can't point out at least 5 completely wrong statements that, had they spent any time doing what they were suggesting, they'd know were wrong.  Cold's last couple posts are way off base, giving "tips" about critter killing that are actually one of the more obnoxious and drawn out ways to get the critter kills that will also cost you real cash, and saying that soon guilds will have heirloom cloaks when any progressed guild has already had them for days.  Markco doesn't even write his own content anymore.

Not everyone can know everything about every aspect of the game. I can't tell you what, uh . . . resto druids gem for in Arenas. But I'm surprised at the lack of integrity people put into their posts that they proclaim to help others without even researching what they've said first.  (Granted, for Call to Auction I imagine it's tough since with three people and a very loose script there's only so much preparation you can do.  Call to Auction guys, if you're reading this . . . update, I'm so lonely with no podcast to listen to. D:)

Anyways, I guess my point of this "The servers are down, I'll regurgitate random thoughts onto my blog" post is:

What makes my blog unique is that I play this game, I love this game, and I love blogging about playing this game.  I pledge to research my posts to the best of my ability before posting them. I will not monetize my site, not wanting my blog to become a vessel for ads and money instead of content and interaction with others.  I will write this blog because I enjoy it and when I stop enjoying it I will not cash in by filling it with ads and lackluster content and I will not pass the buck to another writer.  What makes my blog unique is that I am a player first, a blogger second.

Disclaimer: My intent with this post is not to "call out" anyone mentioned or not mentioned. Obviously what you do is working for you and this isn't a manifesto I hope to impress upon others.  All of the blogs and podcasts mentioned are ones I do read/listen to often and enjoy. =]

Edit 1/17/2011: I just noticed this post made it onto Warcraft Econ's list for Weeks 1-2.  I just wanted to post again to clarify, because I'm so afraid people will think I'm trying to insult others or say they're not doing it well and I am, yadda yadda yadda. That's not my intent and, hell, they wouldn't have got to where they are today without quality content. It's just some musings of mine, not meant to hurt anyone.

I love raiding, I imagine most of the people who raid do it because they love it. Why am I the only one talking about it? D:  A few people have commented saying "I raid, I just don't talk about it."  Why not?! I get that the point of gold making blogs is to talk about gold making, but because raiding is such a huge part of the game for many players, and is apparently a big part for many bloggers, why aren't we talking about how it effects gold-making more? :D


  1. Thanks for putting up the disclaimer at the end. It was reading like a rant there for a bit. :)

    I agree, your perspective is unique. That's one of the reasons I read your blog.

    If you have seen any of my posts or read my blog when it was active you will note that I also only list specific strategies that I have used and either worked or failed. I report both.

    If I read a unique suggestion I may give it a try--and since each server is different, it may be that on a high pop server it worked great but on my low pop/newbie server it is a fail.

    Keep up the work--I enjoy your blog.

  2. Keep doing what you Do, I stumbled upon your site From JMTC, and have made it a regular stop pretty much every day, I play the game as a raider as well, and there are precious few of the blogs that seem more "real" to me, you raid, you play and you do it because you love it.

    Keep up the fantastic Work :)

  3. I will also soon be in a similar boat again, not to the extremes of your guild but raiding 3 nights a week for 4 hours per night saps gold making time. Getting flasks ready and all the other crap and guild drama that comes with being GM.

    We held off raiding til in the new year and it starts on Sunday. Its kinda funny how burnout affects people aswell, some of our main wrath raiders are more interested in levelling alts and chilling, rather that getting up for our new raid season.

    Each to their own at the end of the day.

    Keep it up matey, different perspectives are good.

  4. I really enjoy your blog and your perspective, you have a different writing style and tend to focus on topics that are a bit off the beaten path. With that said, I'm also a blogger who is a hardcore, cutting-edge progression raider. A bit less so now (haven't gotten to heroic modes yet), but I've actually been working on a raid guide in addition to the normal gold-making stuff. Maybe we could collaborate! I'm at :)

  5. I am also in a progression guild raiding 3 days a week for 4 hours. Most gold blogs dont post about there WoW play outside of making gold.


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