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Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'm an AH Junkies Junky! + Faidian Slip 9

Above is this weeks' Faidian Slip, below is why you need to listen to Auction House Junkies.

I was a really big fan of Call to Auction and was very bummed about the lack of episodes lately. I was skeptical when I first saw the intent for a new podcast by Cold and Wes. Would it live up to my expectations? Could I possibly enjoy it half as much as I enjoyed Call to Auction?

Yes. Much yes!  Admittedly, I've had my ear talked off about Mysterious Fortune Cards but I don't mind hearing a bit more to listen to these two guys.  The second episode, a few minutes in there's "Hagor the Goblin" talking and I haven't laughed so much from a podcast, ever. Well, maybe from Yogscast. :P

Basically here's my opinion.  Call to Auction was a cast with a bit of information about a lot of stuff. AH Junkies (I hope it's okay for me to abbreviate! :O) may touch on fewer topics, but it's obvious both of these guys are very knowledgable about what they do choose to talk about. It's a great podcast and I hope it continues a long time, it's great to listen to while I'm doing homework or doing my own Obsidium Shuffling!


  1. Nice post today. Thanks for the links. I read two of the featured sites already but had missed the Cold's Gold post for some reason.

    Great video.

  2. Nice video,

    Tella from hit the cap got me into making gold at the start, and I have loved reading stokpiles blog since i found it.

    This gold bloggers community is getting pretty big now !


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