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Monday, January 24, 2011

Help Decide Faid's New Profession!

The time has come to drop Faid's mining.  I've considered doing this for a while; I never farm so even the pairing with engineering for Air is useless since . . . srsly, I never mine. So I'm going to level Mining on an appropriately leveled alt so I can continue to smelt and give Faid something new.

But WHAT?! :O

Here's what I'm considering:

  • Blacksmithing
  • Jewelcrafting
  • Alchemy
  • Leatherworking
  • Enchanting

Basically here's the deal with each and why I'm so indecisive.

Blacksmithing would be nice to have on Faid since then I'd actually have a character that can gather Chaos Orbs with a Chaos Orb profession. (I believe that Orbs will not be BoP forever though and so this is a fleeting perk.) I would really like the extra sockets for raid buffs as well, but on the flipside I already have a Blacksmith, I don't really need another.  Should raid drop patterns appear, Faid would also have first dibs.

Jewelcrafting is very similar to Blacksmithing; I already have one but the jeweler's gems would be nice.  Having two JCs would give me access to more patterns more quickly but at the end of the day I wouldn't get anything extra out of it since, over time, they'd both have the patterns eventually.  Well, I guess maybe extra Dragon's Eyes or whatever the new uncut JC gem is to sell?  Also, should they do something in this expac like Hyjal and have gem cuts be rep based from a raid Faid would have first chance to get them of all my toons.

Alchemy, oh alchemy.  First I need a question answered, if any of y'all know: Does Mixology impact any Cata flasks or elixirs, and if so, how?  The trinket is nice but would be replaced by the second tier of content; double duration of flasks would be hot to save money but is a negligible benefit compared to sockets and JC gems.  The only real reason I'm considering this is because more alchemists will always mean more money. =D

Leatherworking is similar to the other crafting professions: Nice wrist embossment raid buff, first dibs on possible drop patterns and raid rep patterns, etc.  But I don't really care for Leatherworking. As a result, though, I don't have one.  The only real reason I'm tempted to get LW on Faid is because it's the one thing I don't have.  (On the other hand, though, I have access to a LWer with every pattern minus a few Sunwell ones through my boyfriend's character, so I don't really need one.)

Enchanting is my final option.  Same old-same old drop patterns, rep patterns, raid buffs through ring enchants, etc.  The benefit I'd get from having Faid be my enchanter would be that I could actually max it out and get real enchants (My current enchanter will probably be level 80 for a long time, thus none of the end-game enchants) and I'd also be able to run dungeons and DE the stuff without having to have an enchanter sit in the party with me.

So, given all that, anyone have any input on my profession?  Are there any professions you just love or any you despise?


  1. I might agree with you on the LW choice Faid, if you don't have one, the wrist Embossments are fantastic, Chaos orb patterns, Epic level raid patterns for thier respective tiers.

    Although you have access to your BF's LW, I too have a similar thing with a close friends inscriptionist as mine is only 65 and 450 and I hate inscription with a burning passion, I will level her since having your own of any given professoin even if one is readily available is imo, a much better alternative for both you and them, since you can craft what they need and you have and vice-versa.

  2. To me, it depends on your goals. More money? Fill in that extra profession because you don't have? Personally, I would choose Enchanting. My enchanter left my main realm to be a raider through LK (and did very well (enchant / LW)) but boy do I miss him now. LW I can deal without. They're good for some money but unfortunately their patterns to date have always been susperceded by what you can eventually obtain. Enchanting seems to last forever with both a useful side (enchant the gear) and the money side (find those items, DE and list).

  3. Enchanting for the Dis-Enchanting. There are a TON of greens that get vendored while you quest, do dailies and run instances.

    Think of it as one of the Gathering professions. Make those Jasper rings and DE them to sell for a profit.

  4. I see enchanting as the best bet here as the recipe drops are the ones that get used the most from most professions and continue to sell even into new expansions. Also since this your main, I agree that all the extra goodies to disenchant from questing, BOP drops, etc is a nice boost in materials and income.

  5. My alchemist and enchanter are the center of my business, now that glyphmas is over. I am actually making just as much with those two professions as I did from inscription. I still sell an occasional glyph, but supply the raiders is where the money is at this stage of the xpac.

  6. Well I for one absolutely HATE enchanting. Trying to power level it would be a huge moneysink unless you farm all of the lower level greens you will need to D/E for mats for your enchants. And I think you already said you hate to farm. Also while some of the lower level scrolls sell for a decent amount of gold, most of the Cata related ones (except for those requiring maelstrom Crystals - which are a bitch to get now)are going for peanuts because the economy is in the toilet.

    I make the most money with Alchemy from transmutes, flasks and potions. So I would highly recommend this if you have a good source of herbs.

    Jewelcrafting is also a good moneymaker if you know how to diversify, and I think that the prices of alot of gems will go back up once the next patch hits.

    Blacksmithing is also hard to level and in my opinion is the worst as far as mats required for the max level items as they require not only chaos orbs but also true gold.

    Leatherworking is the only profession that I haven't done, so I have no idea about that one, but I have considered it so I would have a toon maxed in every prinary profession.

  7. Faid, I have really enjoyed reading your blog, you have a very entertaining style! I wish you would write more, :) I too like you enjoy more than just gold making in WoW. I have two 85s, for my RL sake, there will be no more. I have maxed JC/Alchemy/Mining/Skinning. I am mainly making $$ from JC and Alchemy. I loathe fishing, but ironically enough I just discovered the addiction of archeology. I am a raider, but my guild won't start for another week or so. Despite at over 130k I am conservative in my investments and as such I am also a cheapskate. I refuse to pay "full retail," and usually agonize over spending more than a few K on a gear item. For example, I am building a tsunami deck one card at a time, and have a budget of 12k for it when decks are going for 40k. I should have it ready by the next faire in time for when my guild starts raiding BWD.

    I am curious what profession you pick, I am in a similar boat. One of my alts is a max Skinner, but I never farm it, so I was thinking Enchanting or Inscription. Curious what you pick and what the costs for leveling turn out to be for you.

  8. Funny thing i also been having the same dilemma my main is Miner/JC but i am tired of mining ^^ probably going whit enchant since i just recently ding 85 i boy i still need all the enchants out there


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