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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Get a life! Or a few!

First off, just wanted to let y'all know. Kaliope has shared with us the "new mats" for flasks. Rather than 12 Herbs/12 Herbs/6 Life it will be 8 Herbs/8 Herbs/8 Life. I was anticipating a larger jump in life. I still think that life will rise in price a bit, but probably not a staggering amount. =]

BUT!  They've also introduced new Alchemist Stones with primary stats on them. My shadow priest and my resto druid scoffed at their mastery stone. But now I'm going to want to make one. So each one will need 50 life.   Expect a big jump in Life demand/prices for a few days, then it will likely even out.

Now let's talk about me? :D A while back I asked "Why worry about having this much gold?" I've basically found the embodiment of why I care about having this much gold. 

This is a Soul Blade, a BoE trash drop in BoT.  We'd had one drop already but it went to a warrior.  Had another dropped it likely would have gone to him as well, then probably the other tankadin, then possibly two to the DK. So I wanted to buy my own.  Then I saw one up on the AH for 39000g buyout and 29000g bid with <30 minutes remaining. I bid, won, and quickly bought a 7k enchant as well.

This was a time I was happy to have all that gold on hand. :D  Had I taken the time to round up the gold, ask to borrow it from others, etc. etc. the auction would have ended with no bidders. D: So yay gold!  I no longer have "the most gold I've ever had," clearly, but I know I can make it back in a few days, so I'm stoked! 


  1. Hahaha, this is exactly why I've been sitting at around 100k for the past few weeks. Awesome deals on BoE epics pop up, and I just can't resist picking them up!

  2. I understand Completely, Lol I spent about 100k on Epics for my hunter to give my raid Group an extra little push for DPS, but I made that back quickly enough, it's great not to have to "worry" about having enough gold to get or do things you really want to do.


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