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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Faidian Slip #7 (Alliance Recipe Runs + 4.0.6 Tips!) and Hate Tells!

So, I have a ridiculous number of Amberjewels.  We're talking over a thousand.  I've squirreled away quite a few for stockpiling, epic gems, possible upcoming engineering stuff, the works.  I cut some and sell them cut, but . . . no one really wants Amberjewels, ya know?  They just aren't moving fast enough to cover the deposits I'm paying just to be undercut into vendor-status prices. Since the migration of Int gems into red there's really no one gemming pure Yellow except possibly prot warriors gemming Mastery or people who are seriously pushing for Resilience.  So I cut some of those, a few dodge, but at the rate I acquire Amberjewels I'd never be rid of them!

So I've taken to selling them uncut just to be rid of them.  I popped about 40 on the AH earlier this morning, not expecting them to sell.  Then I see this guy, Saint with a funny a that I'm too lazy to look up, advertising something along the lines of "I'm cutting Mystic Amberjewel, 40g my mats or free with yours, outside the AH!"  Well, my Amberjewels are up for 30g.  So I immediately follow up in Trade with "Why pay 40g for his Amberjewel? Walk 10 steps and buy one from the AH for cheaper, don't get ripped off!"

Then it started. o.o  Click the image to the right to read it, it's . . . lolzy. :D

Also, in other news, I have finished conquering heroics.  A lot of people have said Headed South was their hardest but we got it for about eight people in all; one time getting it for all five people in the group at once. :D  Our main block was Vigorous VanCleef Vindicator but you can find a video of our successful attempt at it on my Youtube Channel. =D  In gold news I have made about 70k over the past week and am back above what I was pre-Cata, having more gold now that I have had before. It's a good thing!


  1. Loving the Faidian Slips! Its great being able to listen while im busy on the auction house. keep them coming.

    xoxo anaalius

  2. 30g an Amberjewel?
    I wish it was the same here! Uncut they go for 10g, cut they go from 15g to 40g... But they actually don't sell at any of these prices.

  3. @Kreaton - Yeah, I expect us to see those prices before long; one of the reasons I was wanting to get rid of these while they're worth something!

    @anaalius - I'm glad you like it! :D


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