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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Down and Dirty Plan of Action

As my last couple posts have suggested, I've been spending a lot of gold lately.  Fearful of finding myself from riches to rags I've decided to buckle down and seriously start looking at making some real gold in Cataclysm. Here's the plan:


  • Use spare Volatile Earth to smelt Hardened Elementium.  I have more Earth than I know what to do with; combining it with cheap Elementium has so far turned roughly 100g per Hardened bar profit.
  • Smelt Titansteel with stockpiled Eternals. People making thousands of gold from questing are coming to me in droves for choppers but no one's really providing Titansteel anymore. Except me, of course!

  • Rather than buying the Volatile Life for my daily Alchemy transmute I just farm Whiptail till I have enough Life.  It takes less than 20 minutes and usually nets me about three stacks of Whiptail which I can sell for 750g total.

  • Complain on the forums every day until they fix this profession. ??? Profit.
  • I changed my specialization temporarily and can now make both the De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion and the Personal World Destroyer.  The market's not great for these, everyone else is driving the prices rather low for my tastes.  But I sell a few a week.
  • I'm going premake a chopper or two and attempt to sell them for far beyond mats price; with my stockpile of Saronite and Eternals I am of the belief I hold all the cards in the Titansteel market and intend to take full advantage.

  • I'm going to level it soon (Of course, that will cost more gold, grumble grumble) and in the process will DE all the crap I make that won't sell on the  AH.  Then just make Dreamcloth. Not really sure what I'm going to do with the cloth, as I know very little about tailoring right now, but I'll think of something!
  • lolNetherweave Bags
  • I hate my enchanter and so she is still level 80.  So alas, no higher-end enchants for me.  Luckily Crusader and Might Intellect are still selling at an all-time high. At the end of the day this toon exists to DE crap I make from JC and Tailoring.

  • I haven't maxed Inscription since I don't intend to make it a huge money-maker for me.  The amount of gold or time I'd have to commit to creating the new Darkmoon Cards is far beyond what I'm willing to invest at this moment.  I make some of the Mysterious Fortune Cards but that's about it. Also, old glyphs when I find cheap herbs.


  • A wild Faidian Slip appears! The video is super effective!

  • I have my two Alchemists high enough to Transmute Living Elements.  Truegold is barely profitable on  my server but Air sells like it's made of candy, money, and epic loot.  I do each of their transmutes. Some air goes to my enchanter to sell Hurricane enchants, some to Faid to make pets, then the rest straight to the AH.
  • With all the prospecting I'm doing and only being able to make a Fire Prism once a dayish I use most of my lesser gems on Shadowspirit Diamonds.  I have other JCs lined up who have cuts that are selling for top-dollar and sell the cut metas. (I procced x8 this morning. Mmmmm, procs.)

Blacksmithing, Skinning, and Leatherworking
  • Do not have. =[  Dropped Blacksmithing earlier when it became apparent the toon wouldn't get to 84 anytime this season and would be better use as an Alchemist. If I did have them I'd use Leatherworking to buy cheap Savage Leather scraps off the AH, turn them into Savage Leather or even Heavy, then resell at profit. Blacksmithing would be belt buckles, skinning would be farming. :D

Cooking & Fishing
  • I've been buying cheap cooking meats off the AH, cooking them, and reselling them for usually 2-3 times what I spent for them. Simply put, no one can make everything and many people can't make anything right now.  I'm here to cater to them and cater to my bank at the same time.
  • I spend a bit of time fishing in Shipwreck Debris in Tol Barad for the crates when I'm out there doing my dailies. It's quite profitable.

  • No brainer. Sell tablets!

Non-Profession Stuff
  • My bread and butter for quite some time has been flipping vendor-bought recipes across factions and reselling them. This hasn't changed, and you can see why . . .
I'll likely do a video soon about what route I use to hit up all the vendors and what methods I use to quickly and efficiently move items cross-faction.  Stay tuned!

Pets, vendor recipes, certain crafting patterns, faction-specific quest rewards . . . all of these make great items to flip cross-faction and I'll continue to do quite a bit of it to supplement my profession-oriented income.

So that's that, the bare bones plan I've got to get back to where I was before buying server first, a Vial of the Sands, and a bunch of other ridiculous things I didn't really need but totally completely wanted. 

I hope you found this interesting. As always, my contact info is in the bar to the right, up at the top and I'm happy to hear from you all.  This post was written with Just My Two Copper's January Blogging Carnival in mind, be sure to check it out.


  1. Watched your Jewelcrafting video, and just wanted to thank you for the tip about buying cheap blue quality gems now for transmutes later on. Never thought about this, so thanks! :)

  2. Faid,

    Recently found your blog and its fast become one of my favorites. This particular post I found very helpfl in organizing my own thoughts on this topic as I am getting back into the AH game. Keep up the great work!

  3. I happened to run across your site when I was on Google, looking at random WoW pics. I saw that you mentioned posting a video about rare recipes/items that you can find easily according to each faction. I'm looking forward to it, if you do! ^^ I love your videos and your blog, keep up the good work! :D


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