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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Must. Stop. Spending.

I'm spending gold faster than I'm making it, time to shape up!  Over the past few days I've spent about 60k, most of which was on a Vial of the Sands and I also fully gemmed a new PvP set. (Holy Faid lololol!)  I've become so interested in things like learning to PvP or leveling alts I haven't put any time into making gold, other than about 10 minutes a day reposting vendor items that I sell, etc etc.

So now it's time to buckle down and recover some of my spent funds.  Here's my gold-making plan for the next few weeks, and possibly into the future:

  • Buff Food.  Raiding's really starting to pick up as the less rabid guilds are reaching the necessary number of raid-ready 85s.  The flask market has a high volume of competition but particular buff foods, such as Beer-Basted Crocolisk, have easily controlled markets.
  • Archaeology. I want to do Archaeology regardless of gold, so using my runestones seems silly.  I'm going to keep gathering, why speed up something I'm going to do for years to come? Well, others don't think that way. I can sell any of the "old world" tablets for 100g, and the Tol'Vir go for 1200g on my server.
  • Wrath Enchants. Current end-game enchants require difficult-to-come-by Maelstrom Crystals, 99% of people will not buy them at the rates they'd have to pay.  Many people want enchants on their raid gear but don't know what to turn to. Well, turn to something you know, the same enchants you used in Wrath. I've seen a great amount of sales from Enchant Bracers - Major Stamina, Enchant Boots - Tuskarr's Vitality, and Enchant Weapon - Bladeward.
  • Arbitrage. I prepared a post on Arbitrage as a guest post for Just My Two Copper so I'll leave you on the edge of your seat until that gets posted. :o

Pretty simple stuff. I have a few more things I'm doing, but I'm going to save those for Sunday's Faidian Slip. =D Generic thing in your household is deadly? What you don't know may kill you! Tune in later!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

You Should Supply Raiders (Please?)

Faidian Slip: Merry Christmas from Faid!

Many people are talking about making gold helping people enter heroics by crafting 333s and other items necessary to reach that elusive gear level.  There's definitely a lot of gold to be made here, but please, think of the raiders. We're people too!

My guild was kind of all over the place on Wednesday; we downed Halfus in two shots (Whelp Pack/Nether Scion/Slate Dragon,) laughed at the joke that is Argaloth, and got our first Magmaw kill. I was quite ashamed when I logged on only to realize I'd used the last of my Steelskin flasks at the previous raid and had to bum some Stoneblood off our other tank.  So shameful!

So yesterday I sit down to "stock up" on raid consumables. For me this is 20x Dust of Disappearance, 20x Lavascale Minestrone, 20x Blackbelly Sushi, 20x Flask of Steelskin, 20x Flask of Titanic Strength, and 20x Runescroll of Fortitude II.  I like to be prepared, what can I say? Of course I need to be able to flask for 40 hours straight.

I went to the AH, hoping to see some cheap mats. Strength flasks were cheap but other flasks floored me. Materials are pretty ridiculous; we went from 7 herbs to make two flasks to 24 herbs for a single flask. 

So I hopped on my herbalist and farmed up enough materials to make my own tank flasks.  It took me very little time; though herb node spawns were nerfed they're still quite plentiful, though Christmas Eve may have had something to do with it.  I kidnapped an Elixir Master from Trade and ended up with 27 flasks of Steelskin.   So I decided to do this again, but this time, for profit.  I farmed up some Heartblossom while spamming an Aeonaxx targetting macro all the while, bought the cheap Azshara's Veil off the AH, and found myself with a stack of Spirit Flasks.  I spent about an hour farming and about 300g on the herbs and life and came out with about 5,000g from selling flasks, after being sure I poked that same Elixir Master for maximum benefit.

Flasks aren't the only thing that can push a raid towards success. Everyone loves buff food. After buying this recipe today I went to see what was up on the AH and saw this.  I quickly bought out the 11 posted and cooked up about three stacks of my own. I was able to sell them for 1000g a stack.  Not everyone cooks, and not everyone's found time to do the cooking daily.  Find out what food is selling well on your server and supply that market. 

Most of the food is rather easy to farm. Crocolisk Tails, for example, are easily farmed in Tol Barad or Uldum with a very nice drop rate. Lavascale Catfish are very nice as they're used to make Mastery food and also to make Goblin BBQs and can be fished up in Deepholm or Uldum.  I feel that, if you are willing to farm/cook the food yourself, you can make a great profit for your time spent. Also, consider the joyous fact that this no longer requires special spices! Joy!

Everyone seems distracted with the activity of supplying those who are just hitting 85 and wanting to enter heroics. Not a bad idea, that's a huge market. Please, don't forget about us raiders though!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Faid UI

Faidian Slip: Christmas Vacation for those in high school and lower has likely begun right about now.  We'll probably see a lot of buyers and sellers that aren't often on the AH during the day.  Keep an eye on how market trends change daily and try to time your selling for maximum profit. A lot of people will be looking to start heroics this week, suddenly having a lot more free time; sell sell  sell those crafted 333s/346s!

I've received a few e-mails already asking all sorts of questions about gold making and other topics. Thanks guys, keep em coming!  One thing that's come up several times is UI-based queries.  Well, here's a whole post where I talk about my UI, including some video footage.

Here's the basic rundown of what modifications I've used and what I've used them for:

Auction House Business - Auctioneer, Auctionator, ZeroAuctions
Action Bars - Bartender 4 (DsmFade Skin,) OPie
Boss Mods - Deus Vox Encounters
Character/Inventory Management - Altoholic
Cast Bars - Quartz
Chat and Social - Chatter, WoW Instant Messenger
Combat Display - Power Auras
Damage Meters - Recount
Equipment Management - Outfitter
Gold Management - Auditor
Inventory - Bagnon
Loot Windows - XLoot
Mail - Postal
Map - SexyMap, Mapster
Name Plates - TidyPlates
Plugin Management - ChocolateBar
~Plugins - zBroker_DurabilityInfo, Broker_Auditor
Rare Camping - NPC Scan
Threat Meters - Omen
Tooltips - TipTac
UI Management - MoveAnything

Sunday, December 19, 2010

*hops on the Mysterious Fortune Card bandwagon*

Faidian Slip: I placed contact info for myself on the right. ===========>
I'd love to get some questions, comments, or feedback! Check it out!

Words cannot describe how much gold you can make via Mysterious Fortune Cards. But perhaps this video can!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I won the Auction House!

So, I crawled out of bed around 3 PM server today (Yay 4 week vacation!) and was running around tending to my alts. I saw someone barking for Mysterious Fortune Cards in Trade, selling them for 100g on the AH.  Now, I have more herbs than I know what to do with, after power-leveling Herbalism, along with several friends who just send me herbs for no reason. I wasn't looking to gain a longstanding foothold in the market, but just to play around with it and see how it went.

So I make up a batch of 10 cards, posting 4 on the AH for 99.99.99. They all sold in about 30 seconds.  So I posted up more. Then the tells from the barker began.  Click the image to the right to see the full conversation.

I was very amused. Like I said, I don't care about this market, this is not my favorite market. Hell, after making my seed money in Inscription in Wrath I had no intent to continue making money via glyphs, and this seemed a bit too much like glyphs.  But when someone jumps on you after selling 4 cards and tries to intimidate you out of the AH over Mysterious Fortune Cards . . . you've just got to laugh and string them along.

The most hilarious bit was during the time (s)he was sending me tells, though (s)he did in fact buy out several, I was able to sell about 55 cards to other people right under his/her nose.

What started as an experiment net me 15k in 30 minutes.  I recommend you check this out. If you don't make gold, you may at least get some lulz.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Regarding the Care and Upkeep of Alts

Faidian Slip: Winter Veil has begun. Alongside gouging with Deeprock Salt and Small Eggs, think about other gifts.  Pets are some of the most common items bought as in-game gifts; make a quick run to all the vendor pets you can buy for your faction and either pop them on your AH, or flip them via the Neutral AH and sell them for even more cross-faction.  I've already seen pet sales explode as people buy gifts for friends in-game!

Faid is my main, and has been for years now.  I am, however, very fond of several alts.  Here they are:

Klix  (80 DK) - Tailoring/Jewelcrafting
Lexicar (81 Priest) - Alchemy/Herbalism
Axal (80 Shaman) - Inscription/Enchanting
Thrasymachus (76 Druid) - Alchemy/Herbalism

Then a smattering of low level alts and bank toons.  The problem with having a profession army, large or small, is that when suddenly the level cap is raised I feel very torn. Which to level first? What professions can I get by without for a while?

I've spent the entire day, and quite a while over the past few days, caring for my little alt family. This has included:

  1. Race changing Thrasymachus. I love female Night Elves, but I just had to try out Worgen.
  2. Dropping Blacksmithing from Lexicar in favor of Herbalism; I needed a farmer ready for Cataclysm in order to stock myself with flasks without breaking the bank.  I have an up and coming alt who is leveling Blacksmithing. 
  3. Power leveling herbalism 1-525 in one day on Lexicar. Even with flying it was still a pain in the ass.
  4. Power leveling Enchanting to 475 on Axal to DE the greens Faid gathers up in randoms. (-2000g)
  5. Power leveling Axal's Inscription to 505. I wanted to get to the point I could make some of the more desired relics, but at this point in time I'm sick of shelling out gold for something I don't feel is all that worth it. This project has been abandoned for now. (-3000g)
  6. Creating a new bank guild for Thrasymachus, <Your Self Storage,> (5 Faid Rep if you get the reference!) I wanted to play him (Yay gender change, too!) but with 6000 saronite in his bags/bank he was virtually unplayable. I bought a new bank with 5 tabs . . . and filled it all instantly. This will serve as a storage bank for mats I don't need to access often, unlike my Cataclysm bank in <Champion> or my recipe bank <All The Things.> In other words, it's my stockpile bank. (-4350)
  7. Power leveled Alchemy on Lexicar to 525, the Transmutes were too good to pass up. Considering speccing Thrasymachus into Elixirs so I can have a Flask maker and a transmuter.
  8. Power leveled Klix's JC to 500 to prospect Pyrite. I got 1-3 Volatile Earth on each prospect; if you need Earth this is a great option. (-2000g)
Add to this I accidentally bought 310% flying on Lexicar (Faid IS one letter from Fail) and my alts have cost me just shy of 15000g this week.   It feels painful to say it, but with selling the proceeds of some of my ventures (1-525 herbalism = a LOT of glyphs to sell!) I ended up just about breaking even and I have a lot to show for it, so I'm feeling okay. I started Cataclysm with 214k, I now have about 170k.  It stings a bit until I remember that a few months ago I would have considered myself a lucky, lucky paladin to have over 10k total. =]

And, uh, let's not talk about how much I spent making Mysterious Fortune Cards, okay?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rigging Your Transmutes

Short post as a heads up, because I wish I'd known this sooner rather than later, and I'm sure y'all are the same. I noticed over at Kaliope's blog she talked about being able to "fix" what volatile you get when transmuting living elements. Did a quick search and found this Blue post, confirming it.

Here's the breakdown:

  • Mount Hyjal - Volatile Fire
  • Vash'jir - Volatile Water
  • Deepholm - Volatile Earth
  • Uldum - Volatile Air

There's also confirmation that transmutation specialization is beneficial for this transmute.  Be sure to keep all of this in mind if you're hurting for a specific element. (I, for one, am always on the look out for a way to get some easy Volatile Air!)

Monday, December 13, 2010

________ is a waste of gold/time.

Faidian Slip: Winter Veil is coming.  I could try to  post up something about preparing for it but I think Cold did a great job here, I highly recommend you look at it.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm selling Personal World Destroyers. The price right now is roughly 4.5k when I post them on the AH, I offer them in trade for 4k.  (The mats cost me about 600g.) I've sold a few, but for every one person that buys one twenty people tell me "lol its just a pet its not worth anything" or something of that sort.  My working theory is that they're just sad they can't afford it and are trying to deflect.  Regardless, holding that opinion about vanity pets is their prerogative.

So I'm advertising these pets in Trade on one screen while blogsurfing on my other.  I came across Kaliope's brag board post, where she invites everyone to celebrate their server firsts. (I'd like to say once more that her posts were paramount to my success at my own realm first, and she deserves major props for all the work she did!)  A little way down the comments, I see this:
Gevlon said... 
Honestly I don't see the point in this "realm first" nonsense. It doesn't give any kind of benefit and (besides gathering professions) usually mean a waste of huge amount of gold. It's rather silly than awesome.

I don't really care about the zomgGevlon/Marcko Blood Feud drama; apart from thinking it was a bit douchey to publish someone's full real name and e-mail address on a public site without permission, the actual argument I could not care less about.  I am not a loyalist to either, as I've seen some claim to be.  But that opinion's starting to change after seeing Gevlon come in for no reason other than to shit all over everyone's good time.  Regardless, this post isn't about Gevlon or Marcko or Kaliope.

It's about the value of in-game items, gold, achievements, and experiences.  Why is it that people feel the need to devalue the activities and interests of others? There's one player on my server with every vanity pet available to American servers, including things like a Mini Tyrael.  Would I spend that much time/effort on my vanity pet collection? No.  But am I going to tell her that it's not awesome, is silly, and is a waste of money? Hell no, it's obviously something she very much enjoys, what harm does it do to me to let her enjoy that unmolested?

I'm constantly trying to make gold. I don't talk about it often in-game but if something like a First Mate Hat drops and no one else seems to care I'll often pipe up and say "If you don't want that I'll take it, I can sell it for a lot of gold on the AH."  (Yes, I'm honest and it probably bites me in the ass a lot.)  I've had friends seriously sound very annoyed at the fact that I'm trying to make more gold, saying I can't possibly need more, why am I still doing this, etc.?

I guess my main point is that if a person doesn't value an achievement, or a pet, or a mount as highly as someone else does that doesn't mean they deserve to have something they enjoy shit all over for no reason.  It must  take some pretty big balls to seek out a post you don't care about just to post about how much you don't care about it; an activity that serves no purpose beyond trying to show off how "superior" you are to others because you don't care about our stupid achievements.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Faidian Slip #3 - Sort of!

Faidian Slip: Read this post. It's like a huge Faidian Slip itself!

Well, how's everyone enjoying Burning Crusade? Judging by the armor I am seriously and honestly using, pictured here in all of its glory, I'm pretty sure we're back in Burning Crusade.

There's no Faidian Slip video this Sunday; I'm having some issues with the registration of my video editing software, so here's the bullet points I would put in a Faidian Slip video if I did have one for today!
  • If you're out questing in the new areas consider getting an Alchemist friend to make you some Potions of Treasure Finding. It lets you find Tiny Treasure Chests that contain a few gold, some Embersilk, and sometimes some random Volatiles. Maximize that grinding! 
  • If you're selling crafted items (I'm selling Personal World Destroyers for five thousand gold!) consider farming the materials instead of buying them. Many have an aversion to farming thinking it doesn't make as much gold per hour. It seems, though, with new expansion prices the amount of gold saved by farming my own ore outweighs the time spent farming it!
  • Once you're 84 and have unlocked your faction's Twilight Highlands vendors consider camping the Inscription supplier.  (Horde, Alliance)  The limited supply items they sell are the only way to max out Inscription as part of a recipe for relics. They're also good relics; I want one!  I'm willing to pay about 500g for one of these 32g vendor items just because they're pretty difficult for me to come by, I'm sure I'm not the only one.
  • If you have an enchanter that you weren't going to level: Rethink it.  My enchanter is my least-loved alt but with enchanting mats priced so high and greens so plentiful from easy questing I've dusted off the old enchanting rod and started "farming" some enchanting mats!
  • If you're making a decision about what JC patterns to buy with your tokens, consider meta gems.  Most people will buy the cuts their main needs most and not spring for the meta gem cuts till later. A meta, however, is one of the most powerful gems you can have and sells for a boatload!
  • I haven't tried it myself, but consider trying to sell Potions of Deepholm, advertising them as second SW/Orgrimmar hearths.  I hate going to Uldum or Hyjal and having to hearth back so I use these potions to go to Deepholm and then take the SW port. Yay unlimited hearthing!
  • Arbitrage is super hot right now.  As markets find a place to settle the difference between Horde and Alliance prices can be astronomical. Keep an eye on both sides of the market as there can be a huge profit to be made by flipping items via the Neutral AH.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Making Money in a Cataclysmic Market

Admittedly, I've spent almost no time attempting to make gold. Why?  As I've stated before, I don't like taking risks. Everywhere I turn I see items that I have no idea the value of.  Sure they're going for 1g now, but will the price settle at 10g or 10s?

I was expecting to see massive demand and very little supply; I'm largely seeing the opposite on Argent Dawn. After two days the market was flooded with Volatiles of every type which have maintained a relatively stable price. Embersilk is high but slowly dropping over time.  The problem I'm seeing is that there's no demand for these.  As of last night our last Realm First was snatched up and there's no longer a desperate race for a Feat of Strength and I have a feeling most, like me, are biding their time to level professions (On alts, yay server first Engineer!) until the materials have stabilized at a lower price range.

So how am I making money when I'm not a risk taker and the market is incredibly risky at the moment? Jewelcrafting.  I leveled my JC up to 480 to prospect Elementium (@475) and do the JC daily in SW.  I do the JC daily, but more importantly, other people do the JC daily.  There are a few it can be:

So, we don't care about Latest Fashion or Elemental Goo, other than for our own personal tokens.  But check out the other three there.  They require the questing JC to personally cut three green-quality Cataclysm gems.  The thing is that mats have been so high, JC points so precious, and time so short, that most JCs do not have a stockpile of these gems for completion built up like they did in Wrath.

I'm buying Elementium for 100g a stack and prospecting it. I find out what daily it is and if it's one of the three requiring the gems I sell those uncut gems on the AH.  As long as I'm selling them on the day they're required I'm getting between 150g-250g per gem as well as a bunch of other colored green and blue gems to level off of.  (Sell the uncut Hessonite if you don't care about leveling, it's worth a boatload since it's used in two recipes that are orange far beyond the others but don't require JC tokens to purchase.)

This is really the only thing I've been doing beyond leveling (Faid will be 85 today!) and enjoying Cataclysm. Granted, that alone has net me 3k gold!  Another thing I intend to do is chain run heroics as soon as I am able. Once I'm done using Chaos Orbs to make my own goggles and some bows for friends I'll be tossing the bows up on the AH for mucho money.

Also, I totally hope everyone was enjoying the Futurama references as much as I was!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Well, it wasn't doing any good sitting in my bank . . .

My launch day started off rather annoyingly.  I didn't get a digital download, instead opting to get a Collector's Edition delivered in the afternoon. I had no delusions of grandeur about server firsts or raiding by the end of the week, so at 10 PM I went to sleep.

Oh god, the whisper spam!
I woke up at 8 AM and logged on. At first I was pouting around that there wasn't anything for me to do without the expansion and that there wasn't anything fun on the AH for me to flip; no one had started putting materials up yet.  Soon I found many of my guild members were in the same position so we started running Northrend randoms.

At roughly 4 PM the UPS guy came a'knockin.  At this point in time Cataclysm had been live for 13 hours. I installed it, used my Landro's Loot Box (Only biscuits, QQ) and did a few breadcrumb quests. As I reached Hyjal I mused out loud that it would be hilarious if someone like me who hadn't really played all day got a server first. And then I actually thought about it.

The spark was lit. I ran to a few alts, pulled what ore I had been flipping off and sent it to Faid, and sent over 75,000g.  I madly scoured the AH every 30 seconds while reading Kaliope's great guide on my secondary display. 

I spammed trade constantly for Volatile Air as there was virtually none on the AH and I needed a small mountain of it.  I was eeking out skill points on things that were green to me and took boatloads of mats. I was spending thousands of gold on every AH trip.

But it was worth it.

All told, I spent about 45,000g, which is around what I've heard a lot of other people spending for their crafting realm firsts on my server.  Speaking of other server firsts, grats to my friend and reader Crusard over at Diversa Aurophobia on getting the first 525 enchanter and scribe on our server!

(I know this post wasn't about making gold, but I was just so pumped.) 

Monday, December 6, 2010

Mission Accomplished! Also, "Am I rich?"

Faidian Slip:  Make a Cataclysm game plan! If you're going to level or craft, consider logging your main character out at a flight master or crafting trainer.  If you're going to play the AH, log out at an appropriate Auction House.  Consider, for large population realms, choosing an Auction House that has more walking time but less traffic, such as Exodar.  With all the new characters, people showing off their worgen, and many people returning to the game I'm sure Orgrimmar and Stormwind will be Lagcity when the servers come up!

One thing I wanted to get done before Cataclysm was to hit the previous goldcap of 214,748g 36s 46c. As of last night, my goal has been reached. I've got another 11k or so on my Horde toon, then each character carries around a certain amount of "pocket money," but in addition to that, I have hit the previous gold cap, coming in just under the wire.

Because my mind has recently been on the exact amount of liquid gold I have, I've been thinking about a question. Am I rich? A large focus of my time since September has been on learning how to make gold, blogging about my adventures in making gold, reading about how others make gold, and then actually making the gold itself.  

Within the blogging and forum community I am not rich, in my eyes.  I've surrounded myself with people who are constantly talking about having far more than me, sometimes up to or beyond a million gold.  So when friends tell me I have a lot of gold I tend to disagree.  (I also have a feeling a guildie or two is actually more rich than I, but is very quiet about it.)

About three weeks ago I was talking to some guild members. I knew that Dual Talent Specialization was becoming cheaper, but didn't realize it hadn't happened yet.  When a friend was talking about how he wished he had a DPS spec to go with his healing I said something along the lines of "It's not like everyone and their mother can't afford dual spec now."   Keep in mind, I thought it was already 35g or some ridiculously cheap amount, when in fact it was still the higher price.  I got back a rather exasperated "You know, Faid, we don't all have millions of gold like you."            o.o;;

I don't scream on vent "I HAVE MORE GOLD THAN YOU LAWL" or anything of that sort, but I know that several guild members are aware of the blog.  Also, though I don't really discuss how much I have in-game I do talk about strategies, such as making sure during a guild BT run (Only missing a MH glaive to have all the legendaries!) that all raiders know that I will give their Netherweave a warm, loving home.  I honestly think people probably assume I have more gold than I actually do.

And so, with that, dear readers, I ask you an opinion question:  

What amount of liquid gold must one have to be considered rich in your eyes? Do you consider yourself rich?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Faidian Slip #2


As promised, here's my second Faidian Slip, on Sunday right as scheduled! Sorry if I'm a bit stuttery, being sick does that to a person!

Aiming for Server First _________? Here's a tip.

Faidian Slip: Northern Spices are not valueless, but many people are selling them like they think they are.  Save a few, or even better save some Dalaran Cooking Awards, and sell them slowly.  Between Black Jelly going grey and being able to make Darkbrew Lager there are at least 5 points that require Northern Spices and even more if you want to not fish up more Borean Man o' War than I care to think about. It is possible to get these points of cooking through doing the dailies, but I'm banking on people not knowing that, or being too impatient. And trust me, ignorance and impatience are in abundance in Azeroth. =]

In Cataclysm it's not just Server First Level 85 [Race] or [Class] that is dependent on your level. As many have probably heard, certain professions like Blacksmithing and Leatherworking will require you to be 84 to completely max out.  Whether you're going for server first or just want to be maxed out in your crafters ASAP it's important to eek out every last bit of experience you can.

My advice? Dailies. On Monday (Or now, if you're not a daily fanatic) you can complete 25 daily quests, but not turn any of them in.  I would recommend Argent Tournament, the Icecrown Gunship for your faction, and Shadowvault because they're within the same zone so turn ins will be fast.  Do them all before the expansion hits so that once your experience is unlocked and you can start gaining a bit you can turn them all in and get an extra jump on the competition. =]

Also, if you're not a Northrend Loremaster you may find there are non-daily quests that can offer you a huge boost, too. Get to the end of the Sons of Hodir quest chain, for example, and don't turn it in. You'll get a nice boost off of these big quest turn ins on Tuesday morning, for sure.

You won't zoom to 85 from turning in these Northrend quests, but for anyone super serious about getting that Server First, this will give you an extra jump on the competition.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Don't let your Transmute gather dust! Golden Draenite 2.0!

Faidian Slip: Panic sellers are liquidating! Even if you're not into stockpiling you can get some great deals. Last night I bought tons of Eternal Earth for 1g40s a unit; a bunch of Sun Crystal for 50s a unit, and was able to turn them all into Sun Rock Rings to vendor for profit on the spot.  (Also a great source for enchanting materials!)

I've been sitting on my two epic gem transmutes per day.  While I used to milk them for all they were worth, it's gotten to the point that the materials I use will likely be more valuable in a stockpile than in a gem someone might buy to use for a whole week.

Or so I thought.  Twice this week people have had me make some Field Repair Bot 110Gs and 74As for them. Why? Not all engineers have all the schematics needed to make the mats for Jeeves.  In attempting to make sure I made the correct amount of bots for one customer (Who didn't tip me after I got off my alt then spent 15 minutes waiting for him to gather the mats rabble rabble rabble) I opened up my own Engineering, checked out the materials needed for Jeeves, and there I saw them. Two King's Amber.

There has been no new repair bot announced in Cataclysm and so Jeeves will remain the top of the line bot until this changes.  As Kraklin recently reported, many servers are seeing the price of Eternal Life crash and, at least on my server, Autumn's Glows are acting similarly.

If, like me, you hate to see your daily transmutes rot but don't want to deplete a stockpile of Eternal Fires and whatnot, consider stockpiling a bit of King's Amber to sell to all the new Cataclysmic engineers because, trust me on this one, no engineer wants to leave home without his repair bot.  It's worth noting you will likely still be able to buy the gems with Justice Points, which people may have leftover from leveling.  

This will probably sell higher in the beginning tier of content, when people are using JPs on entry level blues instead of on profession items. I wouldn't stockpile a whole tab's worth, but if you can snag the raw mats for about vendor price, no reason not to do so! (The Life will retain some value for Darkmoon cards as well.)