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Saturday, October 30, 2010

If you value your sanity you should ignore this post.

That's right. I got sucked in.  I've been hearing the guys over at Call to Auction talk about Netherweave Bags a lot but was never really inclined to try a hand at it. Now that I'm farming Anzu and half-assedly farming Mongoose materials I've been coming into a bit of Netherweave. I crafted what I had looted into about 20 bags. They sold within 4 minutes.  I was intrigued.

I bought Netherweave off the AH for 3g 50s a stack. (A stack of cloth + 1 Rune Thread which is 40s from a vendor makes a bag.) Did some AFK crafting and made and sold 150 bags on the first day at 7g per bag.

I'm hooked, to say the least.  But man, the crafting time is insane. D:  Regardless, experiencing a new market has been fun. I'm playing around with a lot of different strategies just killing time in the pre-Cataclysm slump and I've been enjoying it so far.

My favorite market has really increased quite a bit. Blizzard recently announced it's official, Insane will be hurt by Cataclysm.  This means the markets may die in Cataclysm . . . but until then they are raging. Librams went from 200g to 1500g a piece on my Alliance auction house, Pristine Black Diamonds went from 150g to 500g.

Also I've been able to really use Abitrage to my advantage, using my horde hunter to flip things via the neutral AH.  My server is a release day RP server which is heavily weighted towards the Alliance, most of the completionists are Alliance at the moment. It's caused prices to rise drastically on Insane mats on the Alliance side while staying the same on Horde; I've been buying librams for 100g on Horde and selling them for at least 1000 on Alliance, it's been great. ^_^

My main effort has been liquidating my Snowfall Ink.  With Insane bottoming out chances are there won't be a great market for Darkmoon Cards past the release of the expansion and right now those desperate to complete this grind are willing to pay top dollar for bulk inks.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

And when the dust had settled . . .

I think the 4.0.1 rush is officially over, at least for me and the markets I was involved in. Let's see what came of all that effort, shall we?

107,650!  Not gold cap but, hell, half way there isn't bad! I started with 50k and I actually made about 77,450 from the glyphstravaganza but spent a fair chunk on some of the higher cost items I'd been wanting for a while. Reins of the Grand Ice Mammoth, Ring of the Kirin Tor, and epic flying for my druid.

I'm turning my attention to selling recipes and pets on the AH. I'm flipping them from my horde toon via the Neutral AH and selling them on the Alliance side for big profits. It's slower than the barrage of gold that was 4.0.1 but it doesn't take too much time or effort and it leaves me time to enjoy the last weeks of Wrath of the Lich King.

All in all it was an amazing and invigorating experience. I'm just wondering how I'll be able to go back to the ho-hum of the AH as it was before 4.0.1!  Ah well, only a few months till Cataclysm!

In the meantime, this is my very first Hallow's End! I attacked it with zeal and only need a hat for my meta now, which will be my last meta for the Violet Proto Drake.

I've had very poor luck; four characters a day for me, three for my boyfriend and neither of us have seen a mount. It's like Brewfest all over again! At least my shaman got the epic sword! Oh, wait, she can't even use it. *shakes fist*

Happy Hallow's End everyone!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

*wipes brow*

Image from
WOO! Has this week been interesting thus far or what?

I started out with 5-7 of each glyph I was able to make (I'm still missing about 40 researched glyphs) and posted them at 48 hours with 1 minute left till server was down. I was a nay-sayer, 'tis true! I thought "This glyphstravaganza isn't going to be nearly as substantial as everyone says it is, I'm just going to post everything for 50g. Psh, like I'll see any sales."

Boy did I see sales! I'd wager I got about 150 sales just in the first 20 minutes of uptime. I was pulling things at 50g down as fast as I could and reposting for 90g! It was nuts! As I had time I was buying out cheap glyphs and reposting, so the actual amount of glyphs sold will actually be higher than those I started with.

And the metas!  Not to toot my own horn but I certainly hit the nail on the head there. I was selling them for 300g a piece like candy to the masses.  I expected to see more people flood my market when the epic gem transmute thing turned out to be . . . painfully wrong for many, but no one's really invaded my market too much yet.

Things have slowed down now, I'm still making a lot of sales but at much lower numbers to compete with other people trying to move their inventory, getting more around 10-25g per glyph but considering I'd been diligently reposting just to get 2g for this glyph a few weeks ago I'm quite alright with that price.

At this point in time my take on it all is sitting at 46,245g from selling glyphs, metas, and the occasional epic gem. Not too shabby! I used some of it already to buy Faid's Kirin Tor Ring and Reins of the Grand Ice Mammoth but the rest will be tucked away for Cataclysm and alts.

I expect to make 5-10k more as my inventory depletes. Right now I'm considering retiring from the glyph market and instead focusing on smaller markets like metas, pets, vendor recipes, etc.  But for now, back to cashing in on pieces of paper with words scribbled on them!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

This will take some time.

Ho-hum. *twiddles thumbs*  Well, might as well talk about something other than gold making for once!

So, I'd not been keeping up on every little thing happening to Protection in 4.0.1 but I've been doing a bit of research today and have figured out a few things, with some things needing tweaking. Here's my current plan, with a bunch of shizz subject to change.


The Spec/Glyphs

The Why: Most people are finding using Grand Crusader's Avenger's Shield procs a TPS loss compared to using Crusader strike in its place. Instead many are maxing out Reckoning, not taking Consecration, maxing out Imp HoJ and only taking Crusade in ret.

I made my changes because I intend to reforge gear to reach block cap via mastery, meaning I will likely have many Reckoning procs even without having both points. I took Consecration because I tank a lot of trash for us, and decided not to take Imp HoJ since I almost never use it (*is bad and feels bad*) and wanted PoJ. <.<

Divinity wasn't super popular in the past but with larger health pools and possible changes to how healers heal/conserve mana I figure I can help out a bit.


A lot of folks were excited about Blizz breaking us out of our 6969 rotation. Well, lolz, meet your new, more rigid and unforgiving rotation, courtesy of MainTankadin/Righteous Defense:

Pull with AS > CS > J > CS > HW > CS > ShoR > CS > J > CS > AS > CS > Shor > CS > J > CS > HW > CS > ShoR > CS > AS > CS > J > CS > ShoR > etc.



I'm going to be very interested to see how my gear has changed and what I'm looking like with the lack of defense and whatnot. My thought pattern is to try an experiment similar to Rhidach over at Righteous Defense and attempt to reforge some less desirable stats to reach block cap.

Even with the loss of Avoidance he was able to reach the Unhittable mark of roughly 102% and then surpass it by about 5%, meaning he wouldn't have even had to reforge everything. As he seems about as comparably geared as Faid I expect this may be something viable for me to try.

I'm also going to look at using a slow DPS weapon rather than a fast "tanking" weapon. Since Crusader Strike and HotR scale so much from weapon DPS and the defense off most tank weapons is no longer needed I'm curious about how this will effect my weapon choice.

Glyph Posting: Successful

Popped three of each glyph up for 50g a pop. There were many glyphs up for less than mine but I'm hoping those all sell out quickly, leaving mine. =]

After official raid times tonight my raid leader grabbed my shaman for ICC 25.   Now my silly shaman has four 264 tier tokens and 25 Kingslayer.

I entertained myself during strategy discussions by making glyphs, as she is my scribe.  Someone pointed out I may be getting ready for tomorrow and several people laughed and said there was no money to be made in Inscription anymore. Yesssss.  Indeed. Keep thinking that way!

So now I work on homework and mourn the loss of a dear, dear friend.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Gearing Up For 4.0.1

4.0.1 is soon to hit live servers and if your server's anything like mine trade is buzzing with all sorts of rumors and worries about what's about to happen.  It's equally exciting and scary.

I'm going to think more about my plans this evening. Right now I'm holding my little glyph mountain back and waiting for the other major glyph market players to settle down a bit.

What I wanted to say, though, is an extension of my last post about meta gems. Think about another change that's about to happen.  All those non-raiders and alts who have been doing their daily random every day for frost to eek out some Tier 10. If they have all those triumph badges saved as well a lot of people are about to get a lot of gear upgrades over the next week or two due to Triumph badges converting to Justice Points.

There's been a big focus on the removal of the epic gem transmute cooldown and the fact everyone will need to get rid of their armor pen gems. Well, that's all well and good. And everyone can battle it out over their cardinal rubies all they want.  What I know is that Eternal Fire prices have already skyrocketed on my server, going from ~17g to 40g in a few hours.  What this means is that myself and my bank tabs full of meta gems and Eternal Fire may be the only reliable supplier of Earthsiege Diamonds for everyone's new Tier 10 hats. And I like the way this sounds.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I've Never Meta Gem I Didn't Like!

You know that title is awesome.

Since I've been hoarding my small stockpile of glyphs in preparation for 4.0.1 I've been looking at other markets to specialize in. I've poked into some here and there but not spent a lot of time in many.  I'm not sure how I got into meta gems but somehow I stumbled upon it.

Until recently my JC (A DK) and my elixir specced Alchemist (a priest) had been just rotting away, doing a bit of work through trade chat for tips and my daily quest/daily transmute.  If I recall correctly one day I just decided to hit "have materials" on my alchemist and found that the materials necessary for Earthsiege and Skyflare Diamonds were crazy easy, I had a small stockpile already built up from my ridiculous personalized version of the Saronite Shuffle. (I'm bad, I know.)

I quickly ran over to Shattrath and switched her to transmute spec and away I went transmuting meta gems.  I was able to use my small mountain of jewelcrafting tokens to buy some great meta gem cuts (Relentless Earthsiege, Chaotic Skyflare, Austere Earthsiege, and a few others) and also found a few valuable patterns on the auction house, such as Beaming Earthsiege.

On some days I find it tough to make a huge profit, only selling gems for 3-4g more than the materials cost me.  Other days I can sell them for almost three times the cost of materials. If I was patient I'd just stockpile until those sorts of days but I like to keep inventory moving. There will always be more people wanting meta gems and I'll be there!

When will I be there? Well, my metas are up pretty much around the clock. Six Chaotic Skyflares (this appears to be the DPS caster's gem of choice,) six relentless earthsiege (many melee's gem of choice,) and three each of Beaming Earthsiege, Revitalizing Skyflare, Ember Skyflare, Eternal Earthsiege, and Austere Earthsiege.

While demand is good during and shortly following peak raid times I find that in "off" hours, due to fewer people tossing their supply up I've found that I can sell fewer but at much higher prices very late at night and in the mornings. Really, at the end of the day, there's no bad times to sell metas.

Yes, I did name The Rake after my Alliance main. :D

In other news, my Horde side-project has been amusing, if nothing else.  I haven't made any huge breaks but at level 12 I have 55g, so I can't be doing too badly.

I still haven't had any luck getting paid to sign guild charters and have been operating largely off of Auction House profits. Recipes seem to sell much less often and for much less gold on Horde, likely due to such a lower population compared to alliance. But I can sell one a day or so for a few gold each. I sell the enchanting recipes from the vendors and Strong Fishing Poles while fleshing out my auction house time with Auctioneer vendor scans.

Some other great things I've found for building a small nest egg have been Stringy Wolf Meat and Small Eggs.  Both drop off low level mobs in most starting areas and sell very well to those leveling cooking. I sell my stringy wolf meat for 1.5g per unit!  Small Eggs make about the same amount but for those looking towards the future, consider saving them for Winterveil questers!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Going Rogue . . . err, Hunter . . . on the Alliance . . . err, Horde!

Everyone say hello to Rebellious!  I've been fairly unhappy with my mid-40s alliance Hunter and so I murdered her while she slept. I mean, I deleted her and rolled a Horde hunter!

I do intend to play the character as I would any other, but I've decided to also conduct a little experiment.  Though I have a few friends who have Horde-side 80's and have, myself, considered transferring my main from BC (Blood Elf  Mage) to Argent Dawn, I don't intend to give Rebellious any help in any way from other characters, other than heirlooms. No bags, no gold, nothing.

It hurts. I haven't truly started from scratch since my very first toon back in early BC.  I've found myself with barely enough silver to train, let alone build a Horde gold empire.  I have heirloom daggers . . . but I can't even afford to train daggers! QQ I spent every copper I had on training bows!

So my first step was getting up some start cash. I thought about signing guild charters for gold but . . . I'm not quite sure what the Horde equivalent of Goldshire/SW bank is for guild signatures.  I quickly realized people buying guild signatures wasn't quite as common Horde-side.  I realized I'd have to build my foundation the old-fashioned way.  I quested out in Mulgore until level 7-ish, then ran up into Thunderbluff.  I ran a quick Auctioneer scan and did a vendor search.

 A few items were over my 6s 42c budget, but someone had apparently just leveled a Jewelcrafter and had about 15 Tigerseye Bands up for 1.5 silver each. These vendor for 2.5silver so I'd buy as many as I could, pull them out of the mail, vendor them, then come back and buy more.  Pretty quick I had almost 20 silver to my name. =]

I used that silver to train bows and also buy a limited supply enchant formula from the Enchanting trainer in Orgrimmar. (Chest - Lesser Mana)   I popped that on the AH for 10g, let's hope it sells!

I'll keep y'all posted on my Rebellious Side Project as the story unfolds. =D

Monday, October 4, 2010

I hope I don't live to regret this . . .

Image from
After reading Davesmason's post here about Tome of Polymorph: Turtle I got scared.  I've been hoping mine would be priceless in Cataclysm.

What if suddenly it's trainable for 2g? Then I missed out on decent money by being too cautious. What if it's never attainable again? Then selling it now would be a huge cut to possible profit.

The decision?  I sold it. For 1500g.  Cheap. Cheap cheap cheap.  But I had to make it appealing to move it fast. I'm not willing to risk 1500g on the chance it will be priceless.  I'd rather take a small cut now than hope that it goes up in the future. I may kick myself for it later, but hey, I've got 1500g I didn't have before!

I've begun creating a modest stockpile of glyphs for 4.0.1.  I'm really nervous about this; I've never stockpiled, nor have I ever been around for such a massive change being implemented in game.  This will be an adventure and a half! =D  I'm starting out with five of each glyph (Other than those known to turn into Charred) then I'm going to create more of each to flesh out ones I think will sell often.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

An End to the Madness

I started this grind mid-summer of 2009. It's taken me a long time. It spanned many holidays, a three month break from the game. I've finished a year of school, I've met, dated, and moved in with my boyfriend . . . it took a while.  But it's finally done.

I went about it a lot more slowly than most. The pirates were the simplest, I actually was on a roof AFK in one of my summer classes while a bunch of other people killed stuff. =D  I attempted to do Goblins back when Argent Dawn was suffering from the Additional Instances Could Not Be Launched pandemic of 2009. So that set me back a long time since I preferred key runs to grinding pirates.

I farmed out Shendralar in Dire Maul, full clearing West more times than I care to think about for Librams and Diamonds while snagging the cheap ones on the AH when I could. During this time I rolled my own rogue to complete Ravenholdt, not wanting to pay the 6-10g per box I've heard many other people paid.

I had a friend wanting to get into the game around that time and I used recruit a friend (Back before it gave rockets QQ stupid zhevra) and thus my level 60 twinked rogue was born. I'm a horrible rogue, energy fills my brain with confusion.  But I was able to spend a few weeks in LBRS pickpocketing all that was necessary!  (I also rewarded my little rogue with a Mekgineer's Chopper and the Bloodsail Admiral title.)

To do Darkmoon Faire I intended to make my own cards but didn't have any open profession options so I rolled a new shaman.  The shaman's now 80 with max inscription. I ended up buying or trading most of my cards since the odds of making the ones you need is just ridiculously low. =[  The shaman's geared to DPS ICC, though, granted, I rarely ever play her.  But it's great to be able to have my own scribe and enchanter!

And so, to complete Insane in the Membrane, I ended up with a new level 60 rogue twink, a new 80 shaman, a scribe, and an enchanter.  Just completing the Insane has given me so much to do in the game and, thanks to that, I've got a lot more to do to entertain myself, many more money making options . . . Insane was a great grind and I had a lot of fun with it.

Friday, October 1, 2010

I feel like a real gold-maker now!

I decided it was time to have a dedicated bank toon. Thus far I'd been using my scribe, which was my level 80 shaman. In order to handle her bulk glyph manufacturing she had four inscription bags on her and had basically been put out of commission for actual playing.

Thus, the gnome was born.  In moving my stock of glyphs and items and whatnot over to my little gnome slave here I spent probably about 40g just on mail costs . . . but when I ran into a random on my shaman today and had room to pick stuff up it was so, so sweet.

Now, with a toon truly dedicated to holding/selling all of my stuff I've begun truly preparing for 4.0.1.  I don't have the capital to invest into a massive stockpile but I'm going to have at least 5 of each glyph made in preparation of the changes, and I have a bunch of mats stocked up to transmute epic gems. I feel prepared!

My Profits Are Insane

Most everyone has their fingers in the gold-making pies that are inscription and jewelcrafting. While the profits they turn are great, there's also a lot of profit to be found in smaller niche markets in the game. I didn't set out to look for a niche market, I more or less stumbled upon one in other in-game pursuits. The result?

[Insane Profits]
As the end of expansion slump has hit many players a lot have branched out looking for something new to do outside of raiding/PvP. A lot of folks have turned to Insane in the Membrane. What this means for Auction House fans is that a lot of old world items are suddenly very lucrative. Most of the grinds involved in the achievement somehow involve something you can buy on the AH, and so we'll go through each section, save Bloodsail Buccaneers because that's just mass, mass goblin killage and Ravenholdt since the lockboxes required cannot be put on the Auction House and can only be farmed by one class.

[Steamwheedle Cartel]
When this Feat of Strength first came out you were required to maintain your reputation with Bloodsail while rebuilding your goblin reputation. It is now no longer required to maintain both, but some still will. You can cater to both types of players with your sales.

For those maintaining their Bloodsail Rep a very useful quest is The Gordok Ogre Suit. The vast amounts of Rugged Leather and Runecloth necessary to turn in this quest can keep your cloth and leather a very profitable item.

For those who are tanking their Bloodsail reputation, cloth is once again needed. Mending Old Wounds, Traitor to the Bloodsail, War at Sea, and Making Amends are all easy, popular ways of increasing your Steamwheedle rep via Linen, Silk, Mageweave, and Runecloth. With quests like Mending Old Wounds requiring so much Linen it's easy for even a low level player to take advantage of those working on Insane.

Among the more profitable of the Insane grind sections, the Shen'dralar requires a small handful of different items. Each person attempting to finish Insane will require 82 Pristine Black Diamonds, roughly 200 Large Brilliant Shards, and 82 of a mixture of Libram of Protection, Libram of Rapidity, or Libram of Focus.

On my server the Shards are fairly plentiful and cheap, so they may not be the biggest money maker, but there is a huge profit found on my server in buying Librams and Diamonds low and selling them high. Librams drop in Dire Maul and each one is unique, so it is difficult for many to farm them in bulk. 

Pristine Black Diamonds are rare drops in upper level old world stuff, such as Dire Maul and Stratholme, making it difficult to farm as well. Because of this there is usually less than 10 of each on the auction house and the price can fluctuate over a huge range. Watch your server's market for Pristine Black Diamonds and Librams, taking advantage of dips in prices to stock up and resell at a higher rate.

[The Darkmoon Faire]
Remember that, other than Inscription Decks, these items can only be turned in during the Darkmoon Faire. It may not be profitable to list some of these items continuously through the month and instead only stock them during the first week of the month.
Darkmoon Faire has two phases, the introductory phase where you can turn in craftable items like Thorium Widgets or armor kits, and the grind to exalted with cards. These introductory quests are plentiful, but because of the quests recommended by guides as well as ease of mats, I find these to be most profitable:
  • Armor Kits/More Armor Kits: Requires 40 Rugged Leather to be turned into Kits. This is a great way to liquidate your Rugged Leather inventory; have some "uncrafted" leather up for those doing Steamwheedle, then turn some into kits to market to those doing Darkmoon.
  • Thorium Widget/More Thorium Widgets: Requires 18 Thorium and 6 Runecloth to be turned into Thorium Widgets via Engineering.
  • As mentioned, there are many Darkmoon turn in options, I've just found these to be the best for profits due to accessibility of mats and demand. Here are the other turn in quests.
Many scribes will already know about the profits made when making random Darkmoon Cards. As someone who has just about completed Insane (Only two decks left!) I was usually unwilling to pay the auction house prices for single cards, and so went about looking for other ways of getting my rep, stumbling upon a nice market for the lower level inscription decks.

Don't ignore the value of Rogues Decks. All the materials needed to make Rogues Cards comes from milling Swiftthistle, Briarthorn, Bruiseweed, Stranglekelp, or Mageroyal. Because these cards don't take any Primal/Eternal Life you can get all the materials very easy via the Auction House, and because there are only three cards per complete deck it is very easy to complete decks since you aren't taking a chance at making one of eight cards. 

Most mornings I will check for Bruiseweed and Stranglekelp on the AH, buy it when it's less than 1g per unit, buying about 60g worth of herbs at a time. (I'd buy more but it's not readily available all the time!) I turn that into Rogues Decks and can make between 3-5 decks with this. Each deck individually on my server sells for 90g each, and so I've made at least 210g for a few moments of work!

There are many other ways to make gold using this grind, such as rogues offering their pick pocketing services to those attempting to reach exalted with Ravenholdt. These are just the more readily accessible markets I've found when completing my own Insane grind. As the end of the expansion has come many people are jumping on the bandwagon for this achievement, drastically lowering the stock while raising the demand. Take advantage of this incredibly lucrative niche market while you can, as Cataclysm will probably see many put this on hold if not out of the question completely.

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Moving in!

I was having some serious issues using the Word Press UI. I loved how much stuff you could do with it . . . but there was just too much and I couldn't even get a silly image placed correctly without formatting all the HTML myself. It was a pain. So I'm moving Nerf Faids over here to Blogger. =]