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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Well, it wasn't doing any good sitting in my bank . . .

My launch day started off rather annoyingly.  I didn't get a digital download, instead opting to get a Collector's Edition delivered in the afternoon. I had no delusions of grandeur about server firsts or raiding by the end of the week, so at 10 PM I went to sleep.

Oh god, the whisper spam!
I woke up at 8 AM and logged on. At first I was pouting around that there wasn't anything for me to do without the expansion and that there wasn't anything fun on the AH for me to flip; no one had started putting materials up yet.  Soon I found many of my guild members were in the same position so we started running Northrend randoms.

At roughly 4 PM the UPS guy came a'knockin.  At this point in time Cataclysm had been live for 13 hours. I installed it, used my Landro's Loot Box (Only biscuits, QQ) and did a few breadcrumb quests. As I reached Hyjal I mused out loud that it would be hilarious if someone like me who hadn't really played all day got a server first. And then I actually thought about it.

The spark was lit. I ran to a few alts, pulled what ore I had been flipping off and sent it to Faid, and sent over 75,000g.  I madly scoured the AH every 30 seconds while reading Kaliope's great guide on my secondary display. 

I spammed trade constantly for Volatile Air as there was virtually none on the AH and I needed a small mountain of it.  I was eeking out skill points on things that were green to me and took boatloads of mats. I was spending thousands of gold on every AH trip.

But it was worth it.

All told, I spent about 45,000g, which is around what I've heard a lot of other people spending for their crafting realm firsts on my server.  Speaking of other server firsts, grats to my friend and reader Crusard over at Diversa Aurophobia on getting the first 525 enchanter and scribe on our server!

(I know this post wasn't about making gold, but I was just so pumped.) 

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  1. WOW grats!! Very impressive, and now I have links to Kaliope's guides too :> (I'm a total archaeology noob qq!)


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