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Monday, December 6, 2010

Mission Accomplished! Also, "Am I rich?"

Faidian Slip:  Make a Cataclysm game plan! If you're going to level or craft, consider logging your main character out at a flight master or crafting trainer.  If you're going to play the AH, log out at an appropriate Auction House.  Consider, for large population realms, choosing an Auction House that has more walking time but less traffic, such as Exodar.  With all the new characters, people showing off their worgen, and many people returning to the game I'm sure Orgrimmar and Stormwind will be Lagcity when the servers come up!

One thing I wanted to get done before Cataclysm was to hit the previous goldcap of 214,748g 36s 46c. As of last night, my goal has been reached. I've got another 11k or so on my Horde toon, then each character carries around a certain amount of "pocket money," but in addition to that, I have hit the previous gold cap, coming in just under the wire.

Because my mind has recently been on the exact amount of liquid gold I have, I've been thinking about a question. Am I rich? A large focus of my time since September has been on learning how to make gold, blogging about my adventures in making gold, reading about how others make gold, and then actually making the gold itself.  

Within the blogging and forum community I am not rich, in my eyes.  I've surrounded myself with people who are constantly talking about having far more than me, sometimes up to or beyond a million gold.  So when friends tell me I have a lot of gold I tend to disagree.  (I also have a feeling a guildie or two is actually more rich than I, but is very quiet about it.)

About three weeks ago I was talking to some guild members. I knew that Dual Talent Specialization was becoming cheaper, but didn't realize it hadn't happened yet.  When a friend was talking about how he wished he had a DPS spec to go with his healing I said something along the lines of "It's not like everyone and their mother can't afford dual spec now."   Keep in mind, I thought it was already 35g or some ridiculously cheap amount, when in fact it was still the higher price.  I got back a rather exasperated "You know, Faid, we don't all have millions of gold like you."            o.o;;

I don't scream on vent "I HAVE MORE GOLD THAN YOU LAWL" or anything of that sort, but I know that several guild members are aware of the blog.  Also, though I don't really discuss how much I have in-game I do talk about strategies, such as making sure during a guild BT run (Only missing a MH glaive to have all the legendaries!) that all raiders know that I will give their Netherweave a warm, loving home.  I honestly think people probably assume I have more gold than I actually do.

And so, with that, dear readers, I ask you an opinion question:  

What amount of liquid gold must one have to be considered rich in your eyes? Do you consider yourself rich?


  1. I think it's relative to the player. But to provide a general answer - I think once you have enough gold to cover your "fixed" expenses (gems, riding skill, enchants, etc) as well as the occasional "MUST HAVE OMG OMG" things like choppers, you can definitely qualify yourself as rich.

    For some players with a relatively low threshold (Epic flying, 1 mount, enough gear for their single raiding main) this might be something as little as 10k gold liquid and breaking even week to week.

    For alt army players who need master flying on all 10 toons, epic gear, and crafted epics, maybe you're looking at 100k baseline.

    I think the qualifying factor is - is making gold a requirement for you? Or is it just a matter of a desire to see the numbers increase? If it's just to see how high you can get it, and you don't "need" it, you're definitely rich. As an example - I recently dished out 4k last week on a whim for epic riding on an co-main for the next expansion. For some players this would either cripple them, or simply not be possible due to a lack of funds.

    Those players aren't rich, but in my mind I'm definitely "rich" (150k net liquid, so well less than you!) because for me it was one of those "Meh, I'll make it back eventually".

  2. "Rich" is when you can afford whatever you want.

  3. Rich is buying whatever you want without looking at the price tag.

  4. Depends on who you ask. Ask my girlfriend, she thinks I am rich. Ask my guildies, they think I am rich but tend to exaggerate the amount liquid I have.
    Personally I would consider myself rather wealthy, but there has to come just one spectral tiger and that's gonna change ;)
    In numbers, that would be around 500k.

    Once I dropped below 200k because of buying two Crimson Deathchargers I felt poor. So it is all a matter of perspective ;)



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