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Friday, December 10, 2010

Making Money in a Cataclysmic Market

Admittedly, I've spent almost no time attempting to make gold. Why?  As I've stated before, I don't like taking risks. Everywhere I turn I see items that I have no idea the value of.  Sure they're going for 1g now, but will the price settle at 10g or 10s?

I was expecting to see massive demand and very little supply; I'm largely seeing the opposite on Argent Dawn. After two days the market was flooded with Volatiles of every type which have maintained a relatively stable price. Embersilk is high but slowly dropping over time.  The problem I'm seeing is that there's no demand for these.  As of last night our last Realm First was snatched up and there's no longer a desperate race for a Feat of Strength and I have a feeling most, like me, are biding their time to level professions (On alts, yay server first Engineer!) until the materials have stabilized at a lower price range.

So how am I making money when I'm not a risk taker and the market is incredibly risky at the moment? Jewelcrafting.  I leveled my JC up to 480 to prospect Elementium (@475) and do the JC daily in SW.  I do the JC daily, but more importantly, other people do the JC daily.  There are a few it can be:

So, we don't care about Latest Fashion or Elemental Goo, other than for our own personal tokens.  But check out the other three there.  They require the questing JC to personally cut three green-quality Cataclysm gems.  The thing is that mats have been so high, JC points so precious, and time so short, that most JCs do not have a stockpile of these gems for completion built up like they did in Wrath.

I'm buying Elementium for 100g a stack and prospecting it. I find out what daily it is and if it's one of the three requiring the gems I sell those uncut gems on the AH.  As long as I'm selling them on the day they're required I'm getting between 150g-250g per gem as well as a bunch of other colored green and blue gems to level off of.  (Sell the uncut Hessonite if you don't care about leveling, it's worth a boatload since it's used in two recipes that are orange far beyond the others but don't require JC tokens to purchase.)

This is really the only thing I've been doing beyond leveling (Faid will be 85 today!) and enjoying Cataclysm. Granted, that alone has net me 3k gold!  Another thing I intend to do is chain run heroics as soon as I am able. Once I'm done using Chaos Orbs to make my own goggles and some bows for friends I'll be tossing the bows up on the AH for mucho money.

Also, I totally hope everyone was enjoying the Futurama references as much as I was!

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  1. So far Elementium on my server is around 200-350G with the tendacy to go bellow 200g. Lets hope that this can be sustain for a week TOPS.


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