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Monday, December 13, 2010

________ is a waste of gold/time.

Faidian Slip: Winter Veil is coming.  I could try to  post up something about preparing for it but I think Cold did a great job here, I highly recommend you look at it.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm selling Personal World Destroyers. The price right now is roughly 4.5k when I post them on the AH, I offer them in trade for 4k.  (The mats cost me about 600g.) I've sold a few, but for every one person that buys one twenty people tell me "lol its just a pet its not worth anything" or something of that sort.  My working theory is that they're just sad they can't afford it and are trying to deflect.  Regardless, holding that opinion about vanity pets is their prerogative.

So I'm advertising these pets in Trade on one screen while blogsurfing on my other.  I came across Kaliope's brag board post, where she invites everyone to celebrate their server firsts. (I'd like to say once more that her posts were paramount to my success at my own realm first, and she deserves major props for all the work she did!)  A little way down the comments, I see this:
Gevlon said... 
Honestly I don't see the point in this "realm first" nonsense. It doesn't give any kind of benefit and (besides gathering professions) usually mean a waste of huge amount of gold. It's rather silly than awesome.

I don't really care about the zomgGevlon/Marcko Blood Feud drama; apart from thinking it was a bit douchey to publish someone's full real name and e-mail address on a public site without permission, the actual argument I could not care less about.  I am not a loyalist to either, as I've seen some claim to be.  But that opinion's starting to change after seeing Gevlon come in for no reason other than to shit all over everyone's good time.  Regardless, this post isn't about Gevlon or Marcko or Kaliope.

It's about the value of in-game items, gold, achievements, and experiences.  Why is it that people feel the need to devalue the activities and interests of others? There's one player on my server with every vanity pet available to American servers, including things like a Mini Tyrael.  Would I spend that much time/effort on my vanity pet collection? No.  But am I going to tell her that it's not awesome, is silly, and is a waste of money? Hell no, it's obviously something she very much enjoys, what harm does it do to me to let her enjoy that unmolested?

I'm constantly trying to make gold. I don't talk about it often in-game but if something like a First Mate Hat drops and no one else seems to care I'll often pipe up and say "If you don't want that I'll take it, I can sell it for a lot of gold on the AH."  (Yes, I'm honest and it probably bites me in the ass a lot.)  I've had friends seriously sound very annoyed at the fact that I'm trying to make more gold, saying I can't possibly need more, why am I still doing this, etc.?

I guess my main point is that if a person doesn't value an achievement, or a pet, or a mount as highly as someone else does that doesn't mean they deserve to have something they enjoy shit all over for no reason.  It must  take some pretty big balls to seek out a post you don't care about just to post about how much you don't care about it; an activity that serves no purpose beyond trying to show off how "superior" you are to others because you don't care about our stupid achievements.


  1. Works now! I agree wholeheartedly. I think people should be more sensitive to the likes of others. I was an achievement "whore" but it started to wear on me. I could easily diss those who pursue them but I don't because it is not very nice nor is it conducive to any sort of social harmony.

    E-net rivalry is re"donk"ulous. I think both Gevlon and Marcko need to grow up and swallow their epeen pride. I'm just ranting with ya sista! Crusard "Double Realm first pimp" is out!

  2. I would say it doesn't take big balls at all. This is the wonder of the Internet. Anonymity encourages douchebaggery.

  3. @Xandamere: Indeed. I was being rather sarcastic, but as I have to learn time and time again, that rarely comes over well on the internet. xD

    @ Crusard: Don't diss me bro! D:

  4. Well maybe it would help if the do a contest via Youporn, where they post each others dick and determine this way who has the longest...

    That might solve this issue once and for all.


  5. You know it's funny how people say something like an achievement are silly because "spent so much gold" on it. But, at the same time, virtual gold technically doesn't do anything either.

  6. I'm with you - coming into a conversation about things you consider pointless just to say so is also pointless. Similarly, if you wanna take it to a meta level, the whole concept of gaming is often considered pointless. So no matter what you do in the game, someone who doesn't understand the ~joy~ that is WoW could rain on your parade too.


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