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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Must. Stop. Spending.

I'm spending gold faster than I'm making it, time to shape up!  Over the past few days I've spent about 60k, most of which was on a Vial of the Sands and I also fully gemmed a new PvP set. (Holy Faid lololol!)  I've become so interested in things like learning to PvP or leveling alts I haven't put any time into making gold, other than about 10 minutes a day reposting vendor items that I sell, etc etc.

So now it's time to buckle down and recover some of my spent funds.  Here's my gold-making plan for the next few weeks, and possibly into the future:

  • Buff Food.  Raiding's really starting to pick up as the less rabid guilds are reaching the necessary number of raid-ready 85s.  The flask market has a high volume of competition but particular buff foods, such as Beer-Basted Crocolisk, have easily controlled markets.
  • Archaeology. I want to do Archaeology regardless of gold, so using my runestones seems silly.  I'm going to keep gathering, why speed up something I'm going to do for years to come? Well, others don't think that way. I can sell any of the "old world" tablets for 100g, and the Tol'Vir go for 1200g on my server.
  • Wrath Enchants. Current end-game enchants require difficult-to-come-by Maelstrom Crystals, 99% of people will not buy them at the rates they'd have to pay.  Many people want enchants on their raid gear but don't know what to turn to. Well, turn to something you know, the same enchants you used in Wrath. I've seen a great amount of sales from Enchant Bracers - Major Stamina, Enchant Boots - Tuskarr's Vitality, and Enchant Weapon - Bladeward.
  • Arbitrage. I prepared a post on Arbitrage as a guest post for Just My Two Copper so I'll leave you on the edge of your seat until that gets posted. :o

Pretty simple stuff. I have a few more things I'm doing, but I'm going to save those for Sunday's Faidian Slip. =D Generic thing in your household is deadly? What you don't know may kill you! Tune in later!


  1. You don't have to tell me about spending. I did the same thing. I bought a Vial of Sands two days ago for 60k with full intentions of flipping it. After 36 hours of no bites, I decided I would just learn it. It's really cool though :D

  2. Vial of the Sands is going to be my next big gold sink. Though I'm trying to get the recipe myself, so that should cut out some of the cost. I've also been buying some BoE epics, and managed to get a Hurricane Deck for ~20k. What's the point of having all this gold if you don't treat yourself to something nice once in a while?

  3. I'm on the same boat...spending too much.


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