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Sunday, December 19, 2010

*hops on the Mysterious Fortune Card bandwagon*

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Words cannot describe how much gold you can make via Mysterious Fortune Cards. But perhaps this video can!


  1. AS I predicted before Cataclysm, these are great sellers! I was selling for 25g a pop and went through over 200 cards when selling my Mysterious Fortune Cards. I couldn't keep them in stock.

    Proper barking is required and you need to get creative. Also being the first one to bark is a big help. They were costing me about 12g to make and was getting 23.5g after fees.

    I sold hundredsof these last night in stacks of 1,2,3,5,8 and 10 stacks.

  2. I split stack sizes as well. Sold 260 in about 10 minutes. I was putting a message about being lucky with the RNG and of course linking the 5000k card in my spam.

    RNG message made me feel like I was being upfront about the chance of winning. Had one person in trade trolling, told them to look up the card on wowhead if they thought it was a scam. Seemed to quiet them right down.

    Happy Sales

  3. New post up about Fortune card barking tips. Come share your best barks!


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