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Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Faid UI

Faidian Slip: Christmas Vacation for those in high school and lower has likely begun right about now.  We'll probably see a lot of buyers and sellers that aren't often on the AH during the day.  Keep an eye on how market trends change daily and try to time your selling for maximum profit. A lot of people will be looking to start heroics this week, suddenly having a lot more free time; sell sell  sell those crafted 333s/346s!

I've received a few e-mails already asking all sorts of questions about gold making and other topics. Thanks guys, keep em coming!  One thing that's come up several times is UI-based queries.  Well, here's a whole post where I talk about my UI, including some video footage.

Here's the basic rundown of what modifications I've used and what I've used them for:

Auction House Business - Auctioneer, Auctionator, ZeroAuctions
Action Bars - Bartender 4 (DsmFade Skin,) OPie
Boss Mods - Deus Vox Encounters
Character/Inventory Management - Altoholic
Cast Bars - Quartz
Chat and Social - Chatter, WoW Instant Messenger
Combat Display - Power Auras
Damage Meters - Recount
Equipment Management - Outfitter
Gold Management - Auditor
Inventory - Bagnon
Loot Windows - XLoot
Mail - Postal
Map - SexyMap, Mapster
Name Plates - TidyPlates
Plugin Management - ChocolateBar
~Plugins - zBroker_DurabilityInfo, Broker_Auditor
Rare Camping - NPC Scan
Threat Meters - Omen
Tooltips - TipTac
UI Management - MoveAnything


  1. This is great, Thanks alot for the addon list- I was just wondering, Would you consider putting all of these into an addon pack? So that when people download it they get all of your settings for these addons? I love your UI but I just can't seem to get mine the same as yours >_<

  2. Hey Faid,

    Love the UI. Been workin on my own.
    Yours is reminiscent of wowinterface ui's. If you decided to package it.
    Try "Reflux" addon. Allows you to save all your profiles into one master profile. By typing
    /reflux switch "so and so profile" it loads all your profiles instantly. People who download your pack can type this and get ur settings ;) Very beeeeee U ti ful ui!!!


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