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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Don't let your Transmute gather dust! Golden Draenite 2.0!

Faidian Slip: Panic sellers are liquidating! Even if you're not into stockpiling you can get some great deals. Last night I bought tons of Eternal Earth for 1g40s a unit; a bunch of Sun Crystal for 50s a unit, and was able to turn them all into Sun Rock Rings to vendor for profit on the spot.  (Also a great source for enchanting materials!)

I've been sitting on my two epic gem transmutes per day.  While I used to milk them for all they were worth, it's gotten to the point that the materials I use will likely be more valuable in a stockpile than in a gem someone might buy to use for a whole week.

Or so I thought.  Twice this week people have had me make some Field Repair Bot 110Gs and 74As for them. Why? Not all engineers have all the schematics needed to make the mats for Jeeves.  In attempting to make sure I made the correct amount of bots for one customer (Who didn't tip me after I got off my alt then spent 15 minutes waiting for him to gather the mats rabble rabble rabble) I opened up my own Engineering, checked out the materials needed for Jeeves, and there I saw them. Two King's Amber.

There has been no new repair bot announced in Cataclysm and so Jeeves will remain the top of the line bot until this changes.  As Kraklin recently reported, many servers are seeing the price of Eternal Life crash and, at least on my server, Autumn's Glows are acting similarly.

If, like me, you hate to see your daily transmutes rot but don't want to deplete a stockpile of Eternal Fires and whatnot, consider stockpiling a bit of King's Amber to sell to all the new Cataclysmic engineers because, trust me on this one, no engineer wants to leave home without his repair bot.  It's worth noting you will likely still be able to buy the gems with Justice Points, which people may have leftover from leveling.  

This will probably sell higher in the beginning tier of content, when people are using JPs on entry level blues instead of on profession items. I wouldn't stockpile a whole tab's worth, but if you can snag the raw mats for about vendor price, no reason not to do so! (The Life will retain some value for Darkmoon cards as well.)


  1. As a transmution master/JC you can also vendor meta gems for profit. On my server Eternal Air is down to 3G some days. Bloodstone and Chalcedony I can pick up for 50s. A cut Skyflare Diamond is 6G to vendor, which means 2G profit for every gem, and 6G profit each proc.

  2. @Fumble: Very nice! I hadn't looked into these, even though I was a huge fan of selling metas on the AH! Thanks for the input.

  3. I am starting a transumution/JC this will round off my professions and seeing how I can use it to make money...and thanks for the post I will be looking at the kings amber tonight to see where I can invest.


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