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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Aiming for Server First _________? Here's a tip.

Faidian Slip: Northern Spices are not valueless, but many people are selling them like they think they are.  Save a few, or even better save some Dalaran Cooking Awards, and sell them slowly.  Between Black Jelly going grey and being able to make Darkbrew Lager there are at least 5 points that require Northern Spices and even more if you want to not fish up more Borean Man o' War than I care to think about. It is possible to get these points of cooking through doing the dailies, but I'm banking on people not knowing that, or being too impatient. And trust me, ignorance and impatience are in abundance in Azeroth. =]

In Cataclysm it's not just Server First Level 85 [Race] or [Class] that is dependent on your level. As many have probably heard, certain professions like Blacksmithing and Leatherworking will require you to be 84 to completely max out.  Whether you're going for server first or just want to be maxed out in your crafters ASAP it's important to eek out every last bit of experience you can.

My advice? Dailies. On Monday (Or now, if you're not a daily fanatic) you can complete 25 daily quests, but not turn any of them in.  I would recommend Argent Tournament, the Icecrown Gunship for your faction, and Shadowvault because they're within the same zone so turn ins will be fast.  Do them all before the expansion hits so that once your experience is unlocked and you can start gaining a bit you can turn them all in and get an extra jump on the competition. =]

Also, if you're not a Northrend Loremaster you may find there are non-daily quests that can offer you a huge boost, too. Get to the end of the Sons of Hodir quest chain, for example, and don't turn it in. You'll get a nice boost off of these big quest turn ins on Tuesday morning, for sure.

You won't zoom to 85 from turning in these Northrend quests, but for anyone super serious about getting that Server First, this will give you an extra jump on the competition.


  1. So yeah I am now doing dailies on all my alt 80's! What a smart tip from a smart lady. Thanks Faid!

  2. i have read that the exp from 80 quests in wrath is knowhere near the amount of exp from 80 quests in cata. i was going to post about the same thing until i found out how much exp it takes to get to 81. good post though, every little amount helps

  3. @Xeroaze: Yeah, like I said, it won't make you an instant 85 but for those truly serious about server first it's important to get every little edge you can. :)


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