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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Whatchya gonna do with all that gold?

Faidian Slip: Arbitrage isn't just for buying and reselling! On my server the mats to make a belt buckle are almost 25g on Alliance side but only 10 on Horde. Consider using Arbitrage to buy your crafting mats, not just for a quick flip!

Image from Duck Tales

Suddenly, I'm being asked by several people in-game why I'm focusing a large amount of my playtime on making gold.  There comes to a certain point where you just have more than you need or could possibly spend, unless of course you're giving it away.

I'm not to that point yet, I'm up to about 175k now, but compared to most players I know I have a nice fat savings account.

What I like having so much money around for:
  • Luxury items, such as the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth and the Mekgineer's Chopper. 
  • Interest. With Insane and Loremaster finished it's pretty much the only thing keeping me interested till December.
  • Profession Leveling; you never know when you'll want another alchemist for transmuting! And who knows, you may be reading a blog post by the server first 525 Engineer!
  • Alt stuff! I've decided to bring my shadow priest out of retirement in Cataclysm and being able to suit her up with BoEs will likely help!
  • The security of knowing I can buy anything I want or need. The Ashes of A'lar dropped for my guild when farming it about three months ago and a guildie said, as soon as it dropped, that he would pay a massive amount of gold to the winner to pass it to him. He now owns a shiny Phoenix mount.  To be able to just throw that out casually whenever something I want should appear.

What about you, fellow auctioneers?  What causes you to pursue the almighty gold coin?


  1. I'm in a casual guild but I'm online almost everyday so I've got enough time to spend on other things then raiding. Since I don't care about achievements like Loremaster or The Explorer and I've got enough alts I figured playing the auction house was a good alternative to keep me entertained.

    I also like being able to buy what I want whenever I want and never having to care about being broke.

  2. I have always enjoyed making gold so I can buy anything I want I did not get serious until june. Now I'm over 300k and climbing I just feel that gear comes and goes but gold is always there. I like to hear people talk about how much gold I have makes me feel like I accomplished something very few can do. Plus it takes so little time to make gold it fits into my school and work schedule.

  3. I have ten level 80 characters now, and I've hit the cap twice. (Well, not really, but across characters, I have.) 200k gold just doesn't go as far as it used to!

    I also am a compulsive saver. Real life as well, I just hate spending, but I love earning! Comes from being poor for too long when I was younger. Same as in WoW, I was always broke until I learned how awesome the AH is.


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