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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Marcko's Challenge

Faidian Slip: If you want to get a Sea Turtle, do it before Cataclysm. I assume it will still be available but the fish will be much less valuable. Fish this cute little mount up while you can still make good money off the fish. Note that right now many people cannot buy Northern Spices from the vendor. (I've talked to a GM, it's a known issue.)  This will likely drive the price of the cooked fish up very high. Take advantage!

    1. Since my blog's so new and seems to have very little readers, or at the very least, few commenters, I feel kind of silly doing this but as I'm making 93 Netherweave Bags on my other monitor, I must say I'm a bit bored. :P  Marcko over at JMTC offered up this little challenge of sorts.

    2. What was your first post ever? Why did you write it? (don't use an intro post)
    3. My first post ever was actually on my previous site for this blog. I loved WordPress but ended up moving and being very happy with the move. Not counting intro posts, my first post was about why I loved Engineering and why I feel it's one of the most fun an interesting professions.  I was prompted to write it because often when people are asking what professions to take on new toons Engineering seems to be shoved into a corner. People find it too difficult to level with too little reward to show for it.  But honestly, I think it's the most fun profession there is, and is also very profitable! ^_^

    1. What was your favorite post and why?
    2. My favorite post was definitely about my finishing Insane in the Membrane, clearly because . . . I'd finished! :D

    3. What was your least favorite post and why?
    4. Once again we go back to my old WordPress blog. My least favorite post basically was me QQing about not being in the more progression oriented group for ten mans for one week.  It's something that may come up again in 10 man raiding in Cataclysm, and it bothers me, but I don't really feel like my blogging about being pissed off really helped anything at all. :S

    5. Find a reader comment you like and respond to it regarding one of your posts. Call them out and thank them for the comment.
    6. This will be a bit tough, as I don't have too many commenters. Let's see here . . . Ah ha, here it is.  On my post in which I discussed finishing Insane, linked above, redcow asked me about using the AH to help out with Insane.  I loved this comment because it allowed me to do exactly what I set out to do with this blog, and hope to do a lot more of: Engaging in discussion about all things that interest me. :D

    1. Ask your readers to pick a post they found useful on your site.
    2. Now, reader(s), is there anything in my small selection of posts that you've enjoyed? :D

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    1. I gotta say, of the new blogs out there, I'm really appreciating yours. It's intellectual, informative, and gets me thinking. I like the design/style and especially like the Faidian Slip on each post! Keep up the good work.


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