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Friday, November 12, 2010

I'm Not Unique

Faidian Slip: A bunch of people are panicking and unloading Razzashi Hatchlings. It's just speculation, but considering certain Hatchlings are worth a lot already (Gundrak, etc.) buying these up for the low prices (~300g on my server) can possibly still turn a profit, depending on where they are acquired in Cataclysm. Invest at your own risk, however, as nothing is certain.

Image from South Park
So, Marcko had a post today basically rounding up a bunch of what he claims are "Unique" ideas and then asking bloggers to write about what they think makes their blog unique.  Well, nothing apart from the fact that it's the only one that features the Faid in all of her glory makes Nerf Faids unique.

Something's occurred to me as I've been reading many gold blogs and forums and the like. People create fantabulous new ideas to make gold to share with the world!  Thank God for these bloggers and posters, without them no one would be able to make any gold!

Eh, let's be serious.  Just because you blog about an idea doesn't make you the prophet of profit.  I like that. Consider Prophet of Profit trademarked, I think it shall be my new name. Just because you suddenly realized a great market doesn't mean you're the first.

In the same vein as "Simpson's did it!" please, everyone, recognize you are more than likely not a visionary.  Someone has probably been doing your idea for a very long time, but just doesn't have a blog where they tell others.

Marcko's post on JMTC today was great, it was a really useful gathering of a lot of interesting posts.  One that caught my eye in it was this one, discussing, among other things, bidding on auctions before the server goes down for long maintenance times on Tuesday.  To his credit, Marcko didn't claim to invent the idea, just to be the first to blog about it, so he's certainly not in the wrong in any way.

I remember back when I had about 10g per day income in BC. I didn't care a single bit about making real profits. But even I accidentally stumbled upon the idea "Hey . . . this only has 2 hours left on it and the server's going to be down for 8, why should I buyout when I could bid?"

Things like this aren't that original; Markco somehow came across it his way, and I discovered it my own, likely through accidentally having my auctions sniped before maintenance! While everyone has a unique experience playing WoW because of their playstyle, be the super-farmer extraordinaires, hardcore raiders, someone who pays 15 dollars a month to just level fishing . . .  everyone sees the game a bit different, but at the same time the game is not limitless.  

I will go out on a limb and say less than 5% of anything posted  on gold blogs is a truly original and unique idea stemming only from that blogger; that we do not create good advice and we do not have gold making magical powers. We take information from many sources, draw conclusions, and share them with you.  Everyone does the same thing every day, they just haven't taken the "sharing" step and so they do not have the fame and fortune of a gold blogger.  

One is not considered a "gold guru" or a "prophet of profit" because one's better at making gold than anyone else, it's because one spends more time sharing their information than others, and is getting rewarded from their audience, which I do believe they should!  Gold blogs and those that write them are great and really helped spark my interest in doing it myself.  But unique ideas?  No, not really.

Disclaimer: This is in no way meant to be anything against Marcko or JMTC, he does a great job. It's because of his work at the community that is JMTC that there's such a great network of blogs and forums, making everything so available so that ideas can be shared and built upon. =]


  1. You're right. I've seen many ideas posted by Markco that were really basic or old, but as long as there are still people who didn't stumble upon it yet, posting those is useful.

    Also, it's not at all possible to come up with a new idea like every second day.

    The goal in blogging about gold-making in World of Warcraft is not about discovering unique opportunities all the time, in my opinion, but moreover gathering information from vast sources, drawing conclusions that require lots of knowledge and experience, and finally writing about it in an informative and easily comprehensible way.

    Things like in-depth market analysis are fine and surely can't be done by everyone, but getting it across is what counts.

    In the end, our task is to do what requires knowledge of the "grand scheme" of ingame economics and future patches, a lot of work and quite some time.

    Sharing this does
    1) allow our readers to benefit from the information directly and
    2) allow our fellow bloggers and free-time economists to draw even more conclusions, as we extend the horizon of gold-making with every article we write.

  2. I've really enjoyed the discussions posted by blogs such as yours from that article. The main idea was to get people thinking about what makes their blog unique and how they can focus on that uniqueness to draw attention to their site. Your analysis of what makes for a successful gold blog is excellent. Your personal 'faidian' spin is exactly how you can go about growing an audience. The point of my post was to show that there is no one out there like you, so be yourself and people will love you for your uniqueness.

  3. @ Vayaz: Defnitely, I love the gold blogging community and everything it does. I was just talking with a friend last night about how, if it weren't for the "subculture" of gold-makers, I'd not have nearly as much fun with this game. It's because of those who participate in the network and community that I have so much fun and have learned so much; I hope others can learn a thing or two from Nerf Faids they may not have already known! :D

  4. @ Markco: Yeah, I wasn't trying to rain on your idea of uniqueness, I definitely understood the point. :) I love reading all the different blogs and certainly each one has its own style and flair! ^_^


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